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SuperServer,All players need to be ranked Diamond 2 on regular servers,has all heros Can buy 50+skin

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This is not a private server, players more than 150,000, and are ranked in the ordinary server to reach Diamond 2 or more. And all are active ranking players, because the server can only play ranking, and a month without the game will disqualify. As long as you don't violate the rules, your account will always belong to you and won't be stolen.
This account has two areas, the first section diamond 2. The second area has all the heroes, you can buy the skin you want, enough to buy more than 50.
All the questions about super servers:
①What makes super servers different?
--The server is not a private server. This link is the special interface of the server.
--This is the official website.
--LPL, LDL active players and vedio game streamer are all KR server dopa
--Servers designed for the strong
servers specially built for the strong, need more than 2 diamonds to apply for access to the server.
②Why to enter super server
--Lol Other servers the strongest challenger are few in number.There's enough player base here.
--Here you can challenge stronger people when you want to be stronger
③What does an account have?
--You have a chance to enter your name. If you are not satisfied with your name. You can also buy renamed cards.
--Game account with 300,000 blue, 300,000 riot,blue for heros,riot for skins,For example, IG a champion skin needs 7900 riot.
--You can also get 10000 riot a week.
--But I hope you have the game strength,and buy it.
④Is Account Safe and Reliable?
--You can bind your cell phone number. This is the safest way.
⑤Server has special personnel to deal with illegal players, not only after the end of the game for routine reporting this method.
⑥Other matters
Account is a season system. Some conditions must be met before disqualification can be avoided.
--Account has two areas, one is the super server, the other is the ordinary area, you must maintain in the ordinary area maintenance bureau, Diamond 2 or more.
--Accounts need to re-download the game client
--You can't violate LOL's game rules.
--No fewer than 24 matches per month
---This is a server in China. In addition to China, which country has the ability and enough player base to make a server that only Diamond II can enter.---
--The fifth season is now under way.
***If you have any other questions, please contact me***

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