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NA 62 Witch 267/300 PEN 9Bill Endgame Geared alts

1,500.00 USD

2019-07-30 02:29:22 70
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Stuff not included in the screenshots:
10 Storage Maids
5 Marketplace Maids
Pearl Shop Tent
Extra Tier 7 Courser horse
Epheria Frigate AND Epheria Sailboat
51, 30, 20 Failstacks
1 Kutum, Dandelion and Kzarka box (on the beserker)
10 mount reroll scrolls(on the ranger)
Extra item brand stone
43 Node war medals
18 days left of value pack at the day of this writing
Sharp Alchemy stone
52 days Merve's Pallet at the day of this writing
23 days combat book
Still all 53x 530% combat exp scrolls
31 loot scrolls
+1 Permanent enhancement chance
10% item drop rate from ecology
Igor's Adventure Log completed up to 7/10
Upgraded Compass part
Mocoro's gear bag
Ranger is the lifeskill alt with max weight and high lifeskills
Full worker empire + valencia connection
Crates being made in Grana
Alts are: Ranger(Lifeskill alt) - lvl 60, Valkyrie - lvl 60, Wizard - lvl 56, Berserker, Sorceress, Tamer, Kunoichi, Mystic, Lahn, Dark Knight - lvl 50
There may be inconsistencies in the screenshots as some were taken on different days or more updated.

There's much more information about this account that cannot be put all into 1 post,
I am the original owner, willing to use middleman. Email change is possible but the account has already been changed to a fresh gmail.
If you have any other questions or want to make me an offer my discord is Bloo#8159
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