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NA 61 Musa 247/296 TET Weapons + Armors

700.00 USD

2019-07-30 02:32:13 50
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Stuff not included in the screenshots:
5 storage maids, 2 marketplace maids
11 weeks of kamasylve blessing
10 weeks of combat book(100%exp, 50% skill exp)
Processing Costume
81, 51, 65 and 41 failstacks
14 days of value pack
11x 100% combat exp scroll
40x 530% combat&skill exp scroll
52x loot scrolls
22hr of GM's blessings
20% Exp helmet(with 4 backup crystals just in case)
14 days worth of trainer's flute just in case you want to reroll
Crates being made in grana with valencia connected
Some screenshots were not taken on the same day so there may be some inconsistencies

Firm on $700. Msg me on Discord(Bloo#8159)

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