1081 CP | PC-EU | 1.9M Gold | Morrowind & Summerset | Ready for endgame PvE & PvP | Pictures added |

449.00 EUR

2019-08-02 17:52:12 22
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Non-steam account from original owner!

Character slots 5/8 all are maxed out, and most of them have 60/60/60 mounts.

DC - Stamina Dragonknight - Redguard - Equipped for PvP, The Flawless Conqueror, Former Emperor (main)
DC - Stamina Warden - Redguard - Equipped for PvP, The Flawless Conqueror
DC - Stamina Nightblade - Khajiit - Equipped for PvP, The Flawless Conqueror
DC - Stamina Sorcerer - Redguard - Equipped for PvP, The Flawless Conqueror
DC - Stamina Templar - Redguard - Equipped for PvE

-Bank space maxed out

-1.9M Gold

-87 Crown Gems

-Alot gold gear for PvE and PvP in bank, ALL Maelstrom Arena weapons etc.

-Any race, any alliance



-2 Name change tokens

-Many costumes and hats

-Assassin, Cheerful, Furious, Heroic, Melancholy, Scholar, Telvanni Magister, Worm Wizard personalities.

-Cadaverous Assassin, Maelstrom Baron, Skeleton, Xivkyn Augur, Xivkyn Dreadguard, Xivkyn Tormentor polymorphs.

-Amber Plasm, Arctic Rime Skin, Blackmarrow Necromancer, Crystalfrost, Dreadhorn Shaman, Dro-m'Artha, Fabrication Sheath, Soul-Shriven, Spiderkith skins.

-Doom Wolf, Dro-m'Artha Senche, Frostbane Sabre Cat, Glowgill Guar, Luminous Indrik, Manelord Nightmare Senche, Psijic Escort Charger, Verdant Tattoo Shorn Camel, Wild Hunt Camel and many more mounts.

Im quitting the game so contact me if you'd like more details, i can provide screenshots if you want.




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