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(EU) Blade and Soul Full TT KFM 1800 AP ( ET ready ) Premium Active / Unity Rank 78 with 3 Alts

2019-08-06 15:08:00 128
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Hello I am selling my Blade and Soul Account with 4 Characters (KFM,Warden,SF,BM and a free Character Slot)
My main is the third spec KFM ( HM17 ) now with Full TT gear/ ET ready and I have some Trove/F10 Outfits/Wings before that I was maining Warden ( HM18/19 ). I have 3 alts at the moment ( Warden,SF,BM ) with BT/VT Gear. I decided to sell my Blade and Soul Account because I have no time to grind anymore. The Price is still unclear if you're interested add me on Discord and we can talk about the price and all the other stuffs. My Discord ID is : Weby#5791

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