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Eso EU PC Account 350+ CP 6 Max Level Chars

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CP 350
Elsweyr and Morrowind Expansions
8 Characters
-Level 50 Stamblade AD Bosmer
-Level 50 Stamplar AD Bosmer
-Level 50 Khajit Stamina Sorc AD Werewolf
-Level 50 Magicka Nightblade DC Breton
-Level 50 Stamina Necro DC Redguard
-Level 50 Stamina Dragonknight DC Orc
-Level 31 Warden Tank EP Nord
-Level 21 Mag Dragonknight EP Darkelf

All Level 50 Chars are fully equipped for PvP with End game builds (Purple Armour and Gold Weapons)
Also some cool titles

The 2 Low Level Chars have training gear on and a few experience scrolls

Many Great sets to choose from.
Have three mounts-
Psijic Horse
Account has some cosmetics

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