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Lab. full keys set Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Violet + 7 Access cards + 3 keys

28.00 USD

2019-08-17 10:47:18 164
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Lab. full keys set = 6 keycards + 3 keys + 7 acces cards + Documents case

- Keycards
Lab. Red keycard
Lab. Violet keycard (Security Post)
Lab. Blue keycard (Quarantine zone)
Lab. Green keycard (Laboratory block)
Lab. Black keycard (Laboratory experiment's area)
Lab. Yellow keycard (Parking extraction alarm control panel)

7 x TerraGroup Labs access keycard

- Mechanical keys
Lab. key. **censored**nal storage room
Lab. key. Testing area (weap.)
Lab. key. Manager office

+ Documents case

Add me into discord: geofather#4684

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