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-SF hm 14 both vt spec gear
-server Jinsoyun

items : -aransu bracers stage 3
-awakened frostfall ring - stage 3
-awakened permafrost earring - stage 3
-nightfrost necklace - stage 6 / 1
-realbreaker necklace - stage 1
-divine dragon bracelet - stage 10
-king gloves - stage 10
-eternity belt - stage 6
-aransu mystic badge
-dynasty mystic badge
-awakened furios hongmoon pet aura
-limitless soul badge
-arcana soul badge
-hellion ring / earings / belt + pvp weapon Ascendent bracers - stage 6
-awakened transcendent soul - stage 1
-full vs ss with good stats 8.1k crit chance

+ 61 hive queen hears for aransu weapon upgrade

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