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Clash of Clans account TH 9- Supercell ID

2019-09-02 23:33:09 76
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Clash Of Clans TH9 Lev 107|| 15 BK, 11 AK


- All the troops/spells and defences for the main base are completely upgraded for the TH 9 level.

- The builder base is BH3.

- The Barbarian King is Level 15, and the Archer Queen is Level 11.

- Only 71 more walls need upgrading. This was at the time of the listing, while this ad has been up I may or may not have upgraded even more walls.

- Name change is AVAILABLE FREE. Right now the base has a minimum of 800 gems, that may or may not increase by the time of purchase.

- Some of the details (such as tag, name, trophies, level, etc) have been blurred out in order to protect the account.

- Once you make the purchase you will receive the Supercell ID, you get full access to the email connected and you can change all the details.

Please contact me for more info. Thank you

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