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2019-09-08 18:12:47 8
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I am selling my Steam Account with 55 Games( Rainbow Six Siege with all Operator, Ash elite set and season skins, CSGO Prime, Rocket League with DLC Cars and Lvl.300, GTA V, Payday, Garrysmod, Need for Speed Hot Pusuit, For Honor, Dirt Rally, Shell Shock Live, Holdfast, LEGO Hobbit and The Lords of Rings, Fridays the 13th, Orwell, Stick Fight the game and more but this was the popularst games. IF YOU BUY ALL THESE GAMES IN SALE ITS 150 Euro WORTH AND WITH REGULAR PRICE 560 Euro. I want to sell my Acc because i dont play anymore and i hope i found somebody who are interested in my Account. If you are interested pls write me and make a realistic and good offer. I also have nearly 5 Euro Steam Budget.

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