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Blade Master 20 HM 1557 AP + GOLD + MATS (Poharan Pet) + Alts, JINSOYUN [EU] (using middleman)

2019-09-08 20:15:48 104
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I have my main account for sale. I use middleman from playerup so its save tranaction.
I have played BnS since game started (with breaks). Right now I decided to not come back anymore.

BM (is male) and have gear as below:

Its good enough for High End Content.

BM have equiped POHARAN PET which is very rare and probably most valued on this account.

There is aslo 4 alts:

FM 60 LV - 16 HM (it has Kitsune Pet) and a lot of outfits (since its female).
Gunner 55 lvl
Summoner 55 lvl
Destoryer 37 lvl

If you are interested plz. send me a msg. I can do some SS of Valut and any ingame things you want (all mats and gold I have are part of deal).

GOLD: 350 G (BM) + 900 G (FM) = 1250 G

There are more outfits on FM, I just showed my fav ones.

Taka care :)

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