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60 Warrior PVP/Tank + 5 Epics + Quel Serrar + Druid 110 full T3 transmog

179.00 EUR

2019-11-09 12:15:43 71
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EU 60 lvl Warrior PVP/Tank server Stonespine + 5 Epics + Quel Serrar, Human, female. Raiding tank, main tanked MC several times with actual spec. Good PVP gear ready for Phase 2.

I am still raiding but i am leveling another account and i want to sell this fast.

Have also retail Druid 110 full tier 3 transmog.

I’m giving also the gmail account associate to the battle net account.

✔TALENTS: Arms 31, Fury 5, Prot 15

✔PROFESSIONS: Mining 300/300, Engineering 290/300

✔SECONDARY SKILLS: First Aid 300/300, Horse Riding 150/300

✔GEAR: Full pre-raid TANK BIS 390+ defense, 4 MC+Ony item. Full BIS PVP gear. 150 FR Gear. Quel Serrar.

-Revered: Darnassus
-Honored: Storwind, IF, Hydraxian Waterlords

✔KEYS: Gnomeregan, Scarlet Monastery, BRD, Dire Maul, MC and Onyxia.

✔MOUNT: 60%

✔BAGS: 4 x 16

✔GOLD: 200

-Active: 30/11/2019!
-Battletag free change: Yes!
-PvP Realm!

Any question ask for discord or gtalk or skype.

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