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eviscerator// yull 101/100 naia + bloody fists+12 2SA +10 r99 LA set and others

2019-12-16 21:22:11 155
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since i stopped playing l2 some time ago i want to sell my account with items on it:

EVIS cerator 101/ phantom ranger 100 // most skills on evis enchanted to +10

exalted quest completed ( for 101 lvl)- has exalted cloak. ( and +3 str bracelet)
has some crystal and rep points in blackbird ( lvl 3 ) and giants trackers guild (lvl 2)

EQ / items on char

pve elmore cloak +5
talisman longing
abundance high grade lvl 1
anakim talisman
monkey belt +3
+5 str circlet , +50 Attr attack ( noble circlet of authority)
+10 LA R99 eternal set ( white assassin app)
+12 bloody fists 2SA (1st and 3rd ( sigel))
kelbim crossbow
lvl 3 jewels ( ruby, diamond, opal)
rudolph agathion
3 giant str dyes (+5 str/ each)

on this account there is also lvl 99 evis wchich can be used to farm bosses like octavis or balok.

character has plenty of vitality / bonus xp items in wh/equipment so leveling it will be fast.

Price is 1,1k euros.

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