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No Need Login Save&Sell Cars Service (New Method 10.000x more$ than moneydrops$)

2019-12-17 12:47:11 138
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This my own created method, Maybe you have hard time at understanding...
This method SpawnCARbyME -> Save@Garage -> Sell@LSC
This Cars can be sellable whenever you desired. You need Minimum 10cars garage (!)

Service Provider preparations
# I spawn car for player
# This method can take 10minutes to 1hour for each 20cars. it is up to how fast you can be prepared before i login to your invite only lobby

Customer preparations
# You need to have a garage for minimum 10 cars
# You need to Buy 0$ Elegy RH8 without any upgrades
# Garage has to be full with cars doesnt matter which car is it.
# If above rules are ready;
# Take Each Car spawned by Service Provider in to garage and EXChange it with Elegy RH8 or your cars
# You need to Sell Cars after you take ALL SPAWNED Elegy RH8 Custom into FULL garage

Process.. if you cant understand this please ask me less questions at least :D
#1 I spawn cars for you..
#2 You save the car in garage.. (Cars are save-able if you have full garage of cars Or game of yours will Freeze/Crash)
#3 When you Save cars to garage you can sell it to drive by LSC or ceo garage LSC
#4 Each Time you fullfilled the garage with my spawned cars you have to sell them to start new cars
#5 Service Time can be longer that reason

Thats all for now. Thank you have a nice day.


!Warning: Service Requires to be online together at My invite only lobby If you purchase this service give me your social club name to add you as friend.

Each 10cars if you not prepared before purchase or my invite, can take 2 hours gameplay duration.

Piece Price
10 -> 3.9$
25 -> 5 $
50 -> 9 $
75 -> 14 $
100 -> 18 $
200 -> 25 $
300 -> 30 $
400 -> 39 $
500 -> 45 $

GTA ONLINE CAR SAVE&SELL SERVICE: 100% WARRANTY CDKEY this method safer than anyother methods since release of gta online

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