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(ALL LIMITEDS) 28 5*S | 5ML5* (7 W/ DUPE) | (GLOBAL) Whale Account

2020-01-21 11:15:28 94
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Looking for : offers via paypal
Discord : Ru#7532

used to be champion but dropped to challenger so i can afk constantly without the fear of dropping.
Ml 5* units :
Silver blade aramintha x 2
ruele x 2
ml ken
dark corvus
fallen cecilia

ALL the limited heroes are available

Key factors :
-Is at the guaranteed pull for mystic summons , so that is a ml 5* of your choice + 2000+ more mystic medals
-easily break down enemy defences in gw , arena or world arena
- if you want to see or ask for what gear i have or what is geared with what do pm me at my discord listed above
-able to auto hell raid and raid easily
- auto any hunts easily
- 30k hp dark corvus
-2 available unknown slates
-sss luluca
- many are skill leveled so do ask if you would like to find out
-many good unused gears , waiting for free gear removal
-ampel amounts of resources
- over a 100 molagoras for any heroes you might want to skill up

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