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2020-01-23 15:57:56 32
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Greetings to all.

Our party party plays on various lineage free projects and before leaving for a new server we sell everything that we could accumulate in order to comfortably start on a new server. Such a moment has come now, so the following lots are offered to your attention:
1. Adena - 100 million = 3$, 1 billion = 25$. 9 billion left
2. RUR/COL - 1000rur = 8$, 10.000 = 75$. 40 000rur left
3. Equipment - a lot of weapons and sets of magic armor, some epic jewelry. All the details on Skype
4. Characters - a complete magic group that actively played on top server spots. All the details on Skype
My contacts - skype "onlyforsell"
P.S. This site was advised to me by a friend from Greece, my opponent in RPG) I understand that I am a new member and there is little trust to me, so I will gladly make nice gifts to the first customers in order to earn a reputation on this site.
P.S.S. Sorry for my english, it is foreign to me)

Have a nice day and have a nice game)

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