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World of Warcraft is a MMORPG developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. It is the fourth game set in the Warcraft universe and follows the events of an RTS game Warcraft 3. The first expansion of the game was released on January 2007, Wrath of the Lich King in which you could buy wow gold, was released in November 2008. Third expansion, in which you could sell wow gold, was called Cataclysm and it was released on December 2010. Next up, expansion that introduced wow gold farming, Mists of Pandaria was released in September 2012. Warlords of Draenor that took us back in time in alternate reality was released in November 2014. Recent expansion, Legion, was released in August 2016. The next expansion, titled “Battle For Azeroth” will release in November 2018.


World of Warcraft took the online gaming market by the storm, peaking at around 12 million subscribers. World of Warcraft currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers.

WoW Servers 

Your adventure begins by selecting a server, there are loads of official servers but there are also other, unofficial private servers like Elysium (where you can also buy elysium wow gold) or Light’s Hope (also possible to buy Light’s Hope gold). There are four types of WoW servers: Normal (a.k.a PvE) where gameplay is focused on defeating objectives instead of other players, PvP where players of two different factions can fight each other and compete for wow gold everywhere, Roleplay server which works like Normal but has strict interaction policies and are meant for people that wish to immerse themselves more in the world staying “in-character” during most of the social interactions, RPPvP is a combination of Roleplay and Player vs Player servers. Some regions also have realms segregated by language.

WoW Account 

Once your character is created you have to now choose a side of the conflict, which will then determine the races you can pick. You can choose either Horde with races like: Tauren, Undead, Blood Elf, Orc, Goblin and Troll or Alliance with races like Gnome, Human, Draenei, Dwarf, Night Elf and Worgen. There is one neutral race, Pandaren, that have to choose their allegiance after the initial training, also if you want to play as Demon Hunter you will have to play as a Night Elf as this class is only available to them but, just like in case with Pandaren, you will be able to choose your side once your initial training is complete. To speed the training process you can also buy wow gold and use it to buy wow items.

Once you have decided upon the race and alliance you have to choose a class, there are total of 12 classes in the game and each race can play as a select few of them. Classes vary in their group roles and playstyles. There are three roles you can fulfill in a group: DPS (Damage Per Second) is someone whose sole purpose is to dish out as much damage as possible, Tanks are supposed to keep the attention of the dungeon monsters on themselves and soak all the damage possible and Healers job is to heal the group and cure various status effects. Each class has three specializations, while some have one specialization for each role others can be just, for example, pure DPS but with three different playstyles. Death Knights can be tanks and DPS utilizing frost, blood and death magic, all their specializations are melee. Demon Hunters have only two specs one tank and one dps one. Druids can fulfill four roles even tho they have three specs (feral specialization can be both: tank and melee dps), so effectively druids can heal, do melee DPS, tank and be ranged magic DPS. Hunters, one of the easiest and most popular classes for solo play have three DPS specs out of which two are ranged and one is melee. Mages have three ranged magic DPS specializations each regarding to different element: Fire, Frost and Arcane. Monks are versatile with three melee specs one for tanking, one for healing and one for dealing damage in similar way Paladins do. Rogues have three damaging specializations, all three in melee range. Shamans have two DPS specs one ranged and one melee and a healing one. Warriors have two melee dps and one tank specs and Warlocks are all about damage. Each class uses different weapons and focus on different gear stats, if you need to improve that you can always buy wow gold or if you want you can choose a hunter and grind wow gold to sell wow gold.

WoW boost – Character progress 

As your characters progress they gain access to various talents, spells and skills, that require players to learn new tricks. Each character can pick two primary wow crafting professions such as tailoring, jewelcrafting, tailoring, engineering or two gathering professions like skinning, mining or herbalism. You can also mix the two to become self-sufficient in one particular field. Many people take two gathering professions and sell the gathered materials to grind wow gold to then sell gold to other players.

You can also join a guild that will allow you access to the guild chat, bonuses and other guild-exclusive things. Each character is bound to a single guild but you can have multiple toons in multiple guilds.

Most of World of Warcraft content revolvesaroundcompletion of quests given out by NPCs. Quests usually reward player with experience points, item and in-game currency. Quests will allow lead players through complicated lore and politics of World of Warcraft as well as unlock new areas and features. Quests usually include killing monsters (you can loot for wow gold) and lots of legwork. Even tho World of Warcraft can be played solo you have to remember that it’s mostly a multiplayer game that’s why most players group with others to face more challenging aspects of the game.

Most of the “endgame” involves content that can be only completed in a group, this way everyone can find a place to fit their gameplay as group content requires all variety of game styles and roles. When player dies to other players, mobs, bosses he comes back to life after running his ghost from the nearest graveyard to his body. Upon death players do not lose experience or items but if they decide to resurrect at the graveyard instead of running back they will be inflicted with a 15 minute debuff that will render them useless for combat.

There are few ways to test your skills against other players. Players on PvE servers can “flag” themselves for PvP combat with other flagged players from opposing faction. On PvP servers however there is no need to do this as PvP is free-for-all anywhere outside “newbie areas”. There are special, instanced, PvP zones called Battlegrounds where players compete in objective-based scenarios like Zone Control or Capture The Flag. There is also an arena where players form up teams and compete in gladiatorial matches. Remember you can buy PVP and PVE boosting in wow Simple type heroic antorus, heroic antorus boost, mage tower, mage tower appearances, mage tower boost, mage tower boost, mage tower challenge, mythic dungeons boost, mythic guldan, or mythic guldan mount, in our searcher.

World of Warcraft is a subscription based game which means you need to pay a fee every certain period of time to play. There are few options to do this: one/two/three/six month subscriptions and time cards from retailers. There is also option to buy yourself a WoW Token. WoW token can be bought from Blizzard and then sold in-game for wow gold to other players. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy wow gold and then buy wow token than to actually purchase token or a subscription. Each starter edition has a 30-day subscription included.

Upon release, World of Warcraft received mostly positive reviews. Even tho it was often brought up that WoW has some resemblance to other MMO titles like Everquest, their unique and revolutionary approached completely silenced this kind of criticism. Reviews praised World of Warcraft's accessibility and intuitiveness by reducing death penalties, easily recoverable hitpoints and leaning towards more casual players. Questing being the biggest part of character progression was a nice change from grind-for-experience models from other MMOs to day, progressing through quests not only made the leveling less tedious but also got players more involved with story behind World of Warcraft. Critics also praised character implementation and how each class felt viable and interesting with unique mechanics and talent trees that were designed in a way every player can make his own tweaks to his gameplay.

Lack of loading screens and gigantic world was also something unique at the time, even tho World of Warcraft graphics might seem a little bit dated in 2018, back then the environments were a breathtaking blend of cartoon, fantasy art and realism and well designed making it really hard to get lost. The game audio also got a very high praise. Assigning music to various zones and in-combat/off-combat situations improved the immersion greatly making each zone unique and atmospheric giving the game its own unique personality .Remember , if you lost your account and you don’t know how to unban wow account , You can find unban service offers typing unban wow account, in

World of Warcraft won several awards on release such as Editor’s Choice. Apart from that it won several annual media award as the best MMORPG on the market, visuals and audio got their own share of annual awards. Computer Games Magazine named World of Warcraft best game of 2004.

World of Warcraft was the PC best seller two years in a row (2005-2006) selling 1.4 million copies by August 2006 in United States alone. At its peak, in October 2010, World of Warcraft had over 12 million subscribers and even with those numbers dwindling as the years went by World of Warcraft still holds biggest steady population of subscribers in the western market. Currently lowest point for World of Warcraft was 5.5 million subscribers mark and that's still way ahead of their competition.

WoW Controversies 

As with any other MMORPG World of Warcraft had its own share of Real Money Trading controversies. World of Warcraft was so big it had entire companies dedicated to making wow gold and selling wow gold to other players for real money, this issue was so big that “gold farming” became a term that originated from World of Warcraft. After Blizzard announced free trial accounts, those RMT companies saw an opportunity to advertise their sell wow gold sites for free by creating endless trial accounts.

The gold sellers in WoW crashed the game economy so much that Blizzard had to take action against those that sell wow gold. In may 2007 Blizzard filed a complaint against Game Dollar LLC in U.S. federal court. Case lasted till February 2008 where the parties filed a consent decree where Game Dollar agreed to stop using in-game chat to advertise any business or sell services. But it wasn’t only Blizzard that went after those that sell wow gold, WoW player Antonio Hernandez filed a class action lawsuit against another RMT company IGE for interfering with the intended use of the game.

As the characters progress in World of Warcraft challenges they face become increasingly difficult and not everyone has the skills or the people to tackle them down, that is why people have been selling entire accounts with certain challenges completed or items obtained. The most expensive account in World of Warcraft was sold for nearly 10 thousand dollars in September 2007, unfortunately for the buyer it has been banned by Blizzard five days after the transaction was complete.

The practice of buy wow gold and sell wow gold has generated so much controversy that on February 2008 Blizzard released a statement addressing consequences of buying gold. Blizzard reported that a very high percentage of bought wow gold comes from hacked and stolen accounts. The article also states that most customers that paid for wow powerleveling (process in which players pay others to progress their characters to maximum level as fast as possible) got their accounts compromised few months later with all items and gold stripped and sold for real money. You can order powerleveling on . Simple type nighthold boost, nighthold mythic boost, tomb of sargeras boost, tomb of sargeras heroic boost, tomb of sargeras mythic boost, wow account for sale, wow arena boost, wow boosting service, wow character boost, wow mage tower, wow mythic boost, wow power leveling, wow pvp boost, wow pvp boost service, wow raid boost, on mmoauctions and you will find what you are looking for.

WoW has gathered so many people together that its unique social interactions have been studied by various universities. Most notable of such studies was when something called Corrupted Blood Plague Incident occurred. It was in regards of patch 1.7 that opened up a new raid dungeon Zul’Gurub, games first 20 player dungeon where player faced off against Gurubashi Trolls. When the groups engaged the final boss players were stricken by a damage-over-time effect called “Corrupted Blood” which would drain players life over time. The disease was passed onto other players just by standing next to them, this effect was supposed to be confined within the instance but due to a glitch it managed to get out.


Within few hours Corrupted Blood had completely infected all major cities, low-level players were killed instantly and panic occurred. The Corrupted Blood plague resembled outbreak of a real-world epidemics so much that scientists are currently looking how MMORPG’s can be used to model human behaviour during such outbreaks in the real world.


World of Warcraft was a huge phenomenon inspiring other artists in other media. For example South Park made an episode directed mostly entirely in World of Warcraft called “make Love, Not Warcraft”. Game has also been used to advertise completely unrelated products such as Toyota trucks. World of Warcraft also inspired two board games World of Warcraft: The Board Game and World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game produced by Fantasy Flight Game. There is also a trading card game produced by Cryptozoic Entertainment. In august 2012 WoW licensed building block toys by Megabloks released and in November 2007 DC Comics published the very first issue of World of Warcraft comic.


One of the WoW associated products released by Blizzard was their free-to-play digital card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. To mark the release of the game Blizzard released the Hearthsteed mount for WoW players, the mount is obtained through winning three games in any mode in Hearthstone. This action begun theme of crossover promotion in blizzard products, purchasing item in Diablo 3. for example. grants you a mount in Heroes of The Storm or a pet in World of Warcraft. For example players that purchased Warlords of Draenor Collector’s or Digital Deluxe Edition received an Orc themed card back in Hearthstone or if a player reaches level 20 in Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of The Storm he will also receive Grave Golem battle pet in World of Warcraft. Promotions like these help people to identify more with Blizzard as their company of choice for their dose of online entertainment.