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Entropia Universe Items

Check the best Entropia Universe Items. In Entropia Universe, there is no barehand fighting - in order to deal damage you always need to wear a weapon. There is a huge selection of weapons and 99% of them are unable to be equipped by beginners. There are also numerous ways to categorize weapons. Ranged weapons consume ammunition, while melee weapons don't. There are several types of ammunition. Entropia Universe has 2 basic types of items, which are limited and unlimited items. Limited items have an 'L' at the end of their name. Unlimited Entropia items can be repaired to full durability, while limited items once the minimal condition is reached, cannot be used anymore. The recommended way for beginners to obtain weapon is to finish tutorial missions or to buy it at the Trade Terminal. Looking for Entropia Universe items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers related to Entropia Universe Items!