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DOTA 2 Accounts leveling up is related to your hero in-game. Each hero starts at level 1. On DOTA 2 Account gain experience by standing close to creeps or enemy heroes that die. This means it is necessary to stay on one of the three lanes where creeps are being slain. You will be at a significant disadvantage if the enemy's hero is multiple levels higher than yours. As you try to kill enemy minions, the opposing team will probably try to harass you in order to make your leveling progress less effective. Enemy players will also try to team-up to kill you in the least expectable moment. The point of the game is to die as little as possible, buy items and kill enemy heroes. The battle is won by the team which destroys enemy base first. Hard to farm up your favorite hero? Don't worry! Check MMOAuctions and buy DOTA 2 Accounts from players all around the world!

What is Dota 2?

If you have never played Dota 2, it is a MOBA game (multiplayer online battle arena), created by Valve – the creators of such known series as Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and CSGO The original idea for the game actually comes from Blizzard’s Warcraft III, where it became a mod more famous than the original game itself. In Dota 2, much like in League of Legends, you pick a hero from a huge roster of characters to select from. The point of the game is to destroy a building called the Ancient of the enemy team, located on the opposite side of the map from your own. There are three lanes protruding from each base, with towers along the way to make the game a little harder. With a team of four other players, you try to level up your hero, buy items which make your characters stronger, kill enemy heroes and destroy their buildings.


There are a lot of different playstyles involved in Dota 2. Some heroes focus on dealing damage, some are healers, and some provide much-needed utility in fights, such as stunning enemy heroes so that they cannot move and attack, or applying different effects on them, such as reduced movement speed, slower attack rate, or lower armor. Creating an efficient team composition is the key to winning every Dota 2 match. A team built with five heroes which only deal attack damage has a very slim chance to win, just as a team built with five healers (called support heroes in Dota 2) would. You need to properly communicate with your team to establish who picks which hero and who chooses which lane. There are also heroes called "junglers" which prowl around the forest covering most of the map killing neutral monsters to gain gold and experience and moving swiftly around the lanes to help your teammates kill the enemy heroes in a surprise attack.

Which hero to choose?

Choosing a good hero depends on a few factors: how comfortable you are with a certain quality of playing the game, what your other team members choose, and what is currently strong in the metagame. Since Dota 2 is very frequently updated, with a lot of new content coming in, you will need to follow the current trends to find which heroes are most often played and which heroes most often win matches. Each and every hero also has a variety of different builds, where you carefully pick talents (permanent passive buffs which you can choose every 5 levels starting at lvl 10) and items. For example, you would not want to buy items which heal your teammates on a damage-oriented hero, as it will only render it weaker in fights. If you are a support hero, on the other hand, you might want to leave damage-boosting items to your other teammates and focus on items which aid them by buffing or healing them or even granting them extra armor or damage.


As of March 2019, there are currently 116 heroes to choose from in the latest patch, with a recently added new one – Mars. Each hero utilizes one of three main attributes in the game: Strength, Agility, or Intelligence. Heroes who focus on strength are usually more bulky, with a large health point pool, a lot of armor and abilities which affect fights, such as stuns, knockbacks, or heavy AOE (area of effect) damage. Agility heroes are squishier than strength heroes, having a lot less health and requiring a lot of items to make them useful later in the game. However, agility heroes also very often have the potential to deal insane amounts of damage if properly played, with abilities which could very often kill a weaker opponent in one swift strike. Intelligence heroes vary highly. Some of those heroes, like Crystal Maiden, focus on helping your teammates by providing a useful boost and slowing or disabling enemies from afar during a fight. Other ones, such as Invoker, possess an array of powerful spells which wreak havoc among enemies, dealing high damage and applying powerful debuffs.

Why play Dota 2?

Well, if you are a dedicated player who likes to put their skill to the test, Dota 2 is just the game for you. It is a difficult, demanding game which is not easy to learn and even more difficult to master, and requires you to pay attention to a lot of factors during each game. You have to constantly pay attention where your teammates are, where your enemies are, what they are doing and how you could mess up their plan. Getting the hang of the game is tricky at first, but the more time you spend gaming the more you will see yourself improving.


The game also features beautiful graphics and sounds, with gorgeous visual effects painting the battlefield in vibrant colors. Each and every ability of every single hero has its own, unique effect, look and sound. The map is also made in a unique way, portraying two opposite forces – the Radiant, which is full of light, greenery and good-natured atmosphere. Their opponents, the Dire, looks more grim and sinister, with burnt trees, dark terrain, and an ominous aura.


The game also has a number of elements which make it unique and differentiate it from other MOBA games out there. For example, Dota 2 has a courier system. At the start of each game, you can buy a courier which will bring you items when you are not currently in your base. However, you have to be cautious about using it. Your team will most often only have one courier and every team member will want their items delivered, so you will have to use the chat as to not fight over who uses the courier when. Moreover, the courier can be killed by the enemy team if they spot it, so make sure that the path is clear before you use the courier. When the courier gets killed, not only does it take a couple of minutes for it to respond, each item inside of it will also be unavailable during that time and the whole enemy team will gain a large sum of gold. Another unique factor to Dota 2 is that you have the access to all the heroes from the beginning, unlike games like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, where you are required to buy each hero separately.


But you haven’t heard the best part yet – Dota 2 is fully free to play! You do not have to pay anything and you cannot buy yourself anything that will make you better at the game. The only thing that is paid for in Dota2 are cosmetic items, which could change the appearance of your hero or your courier. If you want to spend your money to look cool and fancy in front of the other players – that’s perfectly fine, but spending money will not make you better at the game in any way!

Dota 2 Account progression

As with most MOBA games out there, you start your journey from the bottom. When you first create your steam account, you start at level 1 and have to level up your account by winning games and completing achievements. Moreover, you begin with no cosmetic items, which could modify not only the looks of your heroes, but also the look of the wards you buy, the look of the map itself, the music played during the game, and even the style of the user interface and the voices of the commentators! You start the game with some calibration matches which will assign you a rank. As you play you also increase both your solo MMR and party MMR (matchmaking ranking), making you match with more and more experienced players. However, getting from low to high could get some time, and going back from high to low MMR is always a feared possibility, as maintaining high rank is just as hard.


Some items cannot even be bought anymore, as they were given as a reward during certain events, like e-sports championships or Halloween. This has prompted more and more players to buy Dota 2 accounts, as it would spare them the hard work of leveling their accounts one level at a time and provide access to items which would either take a long time to unlock or which are not available at all anymore. If you want to jump straight into the action, without having to spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours leveling your account, buying one might be just the solution you are looking for!

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