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DOTA 2 Accounts leveling up is related to your hero in-game. Each hero starts at level 1. On DOTA 2 Account gain experience by standing close to creeps or enemy heroes that die. This means it is necessary to stay on one of the three lanes where creeps are being slain. You will be at a significant disadvantage if the enemy's hero is multiple levels higher than yours. As you try to kill enemy minions, the opposing team will probably try to harass you in order to make your leveling progress less effective. Enemy players will also try to team-up to kill you in the least expectable moment. The point of the game is to die as little as possible, buy items and kill enemy heroes. The battle is won by the team which destroys enemy base first. Hard to farm up your favorite hero? Don't worry! Check MMOAuctions and buy DOTA 2 Accounts from players all around the world!