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Bless Online, a high-fantasy MMORPG game that has made a lot of improvements after its two failed launches in previous years, finally it has fixed all the pressing matters and offered their new players a fine, balanced game with no performance issues.
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World of Warcraft: Legion expansion finishes with a bang. Literally. Sargeras, the prime evil of World of Warcraft lore has been defeated by heroes of Azeroth and astral godlike creatures called Titans. In his last defiant act, the flaming space-satan stabbed our world, Azeroth, with his massive sword, wounding it and probably changing Azeroth forever, unleashing ancient, twisted, evils.
24.08.2018 0
After roughly three months of opening shores of Summerset Isles to adventurers with brand new expansion Summerset,  guys and gals and ZeniMax Online Studios delivered another adventure packed DLC dubbed "Wolfhunter" along with new dungeons and PVP content. 
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By taking away our legendaries and artifacts Blizzard hard to fill that utility void with some kind of mechanics. In Battle for Azeroth, we are getting new azerite trait system.
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EvE Online often makes headlines with massive in scope battles, huge losses worth thousands of dollars. But such a bloodbath as in recent fight for X47L-Q was unprecedented.
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No Man's Sky had a huge media coverage on release and for all the bad reasons. Will disappointed fans get finally the game they have been promised?
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Pre-Expansion patch is going live on Wednesday. 8.0 will be an official end of the Legion expansion with some activities and achievements being no longer available. Make sure to use those last few days to get most out of Legion because Battle For Azeroth is just around the corner!
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Hauling is one of many jobs players can perform during their time in EvE Online. Often performed by specialized alternate characters, many people concern this a full-time EvE job fulfilling their space-trucker fantasy. In this tutorial, we will cover basics of hauling
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Wormholes or W-Space, the final frontier of EvE Online where pilots of all sorts seek riches and glory. Far away from imperial space, with local chat disabled you will never know what danger lurks around the corner. Exploring those hidden pockets of New Eden can prove to be a great source of income for those bold enough to face the dangers inside. We'll take a closer look at the Wormholes to give beginning capsuleers a basic idea of what they are and what to expect on the other side.
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Psijic Order skill line has some a few extremely useful skills and passives that you should get your hands on no matter if you play a tank, healer, DPS, PvP or PvE.