25.05.2018 0
New multiplayer ARPG by Phoenix Labs is taking PC gaming market by the storm!
24.05.2018 0
Newest patch, apart from daily rewards overhaul, introduces completely new class: Lahn.
22.05.2018 0
As the new World of Warcraft expansion release is closing in, Blizzard keeps releasing sneak-peeks of what to expect. This time we take a look at Alliance starting zone: Drustvar.
20.05.2018 0
Lost Ark, a highly anticipated isometric action MMORPG will be entering final and closed beta test for Korean players on May 23, 201
19.05.2018 0
After series of PvP and sovereignty changes and expansions, it is high time to give something to those capsuleers that value exploration and PvE combat above anything else.
17.05.2018 0
Last weeks Bless Online press event, revealing game pricing, caused quite a panic among the community which reacted allergically to the $40-$200 price spread. Various editions granted its owners a substantial headstart time and premium membership time (which caused quite a stir on its own). Not only prices were blown off the proportion but also indicated early-access premium subscription which ticked gamers off. 
16.05.2018 0
Transfering Blade and Soul from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4 turned few heads but NCSoft doesn't stop there!
15.05.2018 0
Elder Scrolls Online, just like any MMORPG game is suffering from the same "expansion fatigue" as any other. At first, everyone is hyped for new lands, new lore and new main story but when the dust settles it turns out there is not much left to do but to wait for the new expansion. Zenimax Online Studios addressed this issue before the launch, listing out items you can do besides the main story arc. 
14.05.2018 0
As the new Incursion League is right around the corner GGG decided to release an FAQ answering the most pressing questions asked by the community.
11.05.2018 0
Black Desert is in quite a turmoil after recent balance changes but even that can't change the fact that its one of the most financially successful titles currently on the market.