Botting OSRS: Is It Possible 2024?

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Botting in online gaming has always been a point of a heated discussion. One part of the community claims that they destroy healthy competition and the economy of games. Others, however, treat them as a kind of simplification and thus are more than happy to use them. 

Game developers, however, strictly prohibit the use of external software, imposing severe penalties for breaking the rules. 

So is the game worth the candle? Is there any way to minimize the risk of falling under a ban hammer? Read through to find out. 

Table of contents:

Is RuneScape Botting Allowed?

How to Avoid Getting Banned in Runescape?

What Are the Types of Bots in OSRS?

Can You Still Bot in OSRS 2024?

Runescape Mobile Bots

The Best Runescape Bots 2024





Final Word of Advice

Is RuneScape Botting Allowed? 

OSRS Botting and a characterSimilarly to the majority of video games, botting in OSRS may result in getting banned. It means that Jagex can suspend your account for using a bot via their bot

detection software. However, experienced botters, as well as bot developers, have found several ways and options to introduce security measures while using bots. 

How to Avoid Getting Banned in Runescape? 

Here are the tips that people deciding on using bot clients can take advantage of: 

  • Use a Mule. Mule is an account that you transfer botted gold and items to. Remember to create mule accounts manually and don’t leave them at Level 3. Have at least 500 total level, 30+ quest points, and up to 50 combat. If your botting farm grows extensively, you can use multiple mules. 
  • Avoid botting on the same IP address. If you have multiple botting accounts, make sure to use a proxy because one of the detection methods analyses the IP address relationship between accounts. A player who got caught on one RuneScape botting account may lose all of them as they are connected via IP. Therefore, the best method would be to use different proxies on every account. 
  • Don’t use a random name on your characters. That would help you avoid reports from other players as random names bring more suspicions.
  • Don’t use randomized outfits. This rule works the same way as the one concerning the name selection. Want to avoid suspicions? Choose an outfit that doesn’t say “I might be a botter!”

Botting in OSRS

  • Don’t bot in the most botted areas and quests. This one should be obvious. The more botters in one place, the higher the ban rate. Also, do everything you can to avoid popular places such as Grand Exchange as it is often full of bot clients. 
  • Switch activities as much as possible. Jagex detection software bases on an algorithm that analyses the activities your bot performs. If it repeats very often, the ban rate increases.

OSRS Botting woodcutting skill

  • Avoid hotspots. Whenever you are botting, even if you are just training skills like woodcutting, choose the type of areas that are far away from an overpopulated location (like for example Varrock). 
  • Limit your botting activity. Something you should do to keep yourself out of Jagex traps is not to bot more than 4 hours a day. There are no real humans who can spam click the same action all day long with their hands, so it makes sense to limit the botting time. 
  • Choose paid scripts. Most beginning botters neglect the quality of the scripts they get. An experienced botter would never download a script from unverified sources, like random forums or an unreliable page.

You can always choose top scripts from trusted sources, as it will pay off sooner than later. 

However, following these guidelines does not guarantee that your account (or accounts) will not be banned. Other factors contribute to the safety of your account while botting, which we will discuss later in the article. 

What Are the Types of Bots in OSRS? 

Let's check the main types of bots you can currently find in Old School Runescape.

Color Bots 

The color bots are based on reading the in-game colors, which makes their functions limited. For example, the bot sees brown color and identifies it as a rock, so the character goes to it and starts mining the ores. 

The thing about these kinds of bots is that they can’t do complicated tasks. Also, they might be easily tricked by Jagex as it requires only a color change of an item. 

Injection Bots 

An injection bot is a kind of software that reads the game code. That being said, injection bots include expanded scripts that may precisely copy human activity. They were heavily targeted by the 2011 Bot Nuke update. The Jagex system used to send lines of false code for bots to read, causing issues with performing their functions. 

Reflection Bots 

They create a reflection of the RuneScape client. Then, the reflection bot reads the code of that version, which minimizes the risk of detection. Very often bots combine reflection and injection to make the data gathering process as accurate as possible.

Packet Bots 

They are no longer present in RuneScape. Jagex got rid of them by disabling the possibility to send packets with information to Jagex servers. 

OpenGL/DirectX bots 

These types of bots base their operation on analyzing what is displayed on the screen by interfering with DirectX or OpenGL. 

Gaming Engine

Firstly, it interacts with the game and then analyzes the results. Usually, such programs provide basic functions such as keyboard and mouse input.

Can You Still Bot in OSRS 2024? 

Botting in 2024 OSRSEven though Jagex is bringing up the big guns in a fight against botting, it seems that the same strategy has been applied by the bot developers. The new bots limit interaction time with the game, making it more difficult to target their users. 

Moreover, players keep coming up with new botting models. Aside from the classic one - "bot as safely as possible", some botters do the exact opposite. Being aware of the risks they are taking, they bot as long as possible. However, they often send the resources from the inventory to another account to minimize the potential loss. 

When such players finally get banned, they create another one (or ones) to repeat the process. As it usually doesn’t take long to get banned this way, the account doesn’t get many levels, so the loss is not critical.

Runescape Mobile Bots

OSRS Mobile BotsAlthough in this guide we focus on the computer version of OSRS, mobile version bots are worth a brief mention. 

“Bot” in this case is a big word, as they are mainly click-recording macros that may work for a simple task. Even so, since they don't reproduce keyboard and mouse movement patterns, this option may result in fewer bans than the conventional form of botting.

The Best Runescape Bots 2024 

Now, let's straight to the subject. Below, we describe the best Runescape bots you can find in this title in 2024.


RunemateThe idea of Runemate is to provide a program that is safe and easy to use for everyone. The developers boast about the cloud platform and intuitive design allowing users to benefit from the bot without issues. You can download the bot from their site. The free version allows players to bot up to 2 accounts at once for 200 hours a month. It is a good way to check the options of the bot before deciding on the purchase.


DreambotDreamBot claims to be the most anti-ban oriented cheating program on the market. What is more, the staff performs rigorous tests concerning the premium scripts which are published on the website. This way, they guarantee the best player experience. The price of the bot starts from $9.99/month.


TribotTriBot is available for all operating systems and is bundled with Java for a simple installation. The website provides a lot of various paid scripts, which are more advanced. This, in turn, results in lower ban rates. What’s more, every script has an assistant that supports players while configuring the script according to their needs. 

The “Looking Glass” technology used in the TriBot claims to protect the user from a ban. However, OSRS botting specialists claim that it is just marketing fluff. Nevertheless, it does not mean that TRiBot is not worth checking out.


OSBOTWhen it comes to scripting, OSBot combines stable hooks with a rich scripting API. The website includes free-to-use forums. It provides users with a lot of scripts from other members. You can also have a conversation with many experienced people about Old School Runescape botting. 

What is more, thanks to advanced encryption methods, the developers promise to keep your account safe while botting. Additionally, they also claim to offer scripts concerning fishing, money making, hunter scripts, and minigame scripts only from verified scripters.

Final Word of Advice 

Taking all these things into account, the most important goal of OSRS botting is not to farm as big amount of gold as possible. The main idea is to stay safe. Choose botting clients that not only suit your needs but also minimize ban chance. As no one wants to put their account at risk, we would recommend sticking to premium scripts as they are well-tested and have low ban rates. 

If there is anything that hasn’t been covered in this guide that you’d like to ask about, feel free to message us. We will be happy to answer your question. 


Can you get IP banned for botting in Old School RuneScape? It is rare to get IP banned. However, Jagex can check your IP address if you bot multiple accounts at once and ban all of them due to the chain connection. 

How does Jagex know if you are botting? 

Jagex detects bots by analyzing the mouse and keyboard movement patterns, searching for an injecting application. If the patterns repeat all the time, Jagex will most likely ban your account. 

What happened to Powerbot? 

As the next step in the anti-botting crusade, on October 2, 2020, Jagex announced that the RSBot and Powerbot sites will be permanently closed due to the company's legal proceedings.

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