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02.01.2020 0
Comprehensive guide to Necromancer class in Diablo 3 which will take you through basics as well as more advanced tactics on hot to play this class.
30.12.2019 0
A complete guide to the Monk class in Diablo 3 with included builds as well as explaination on item, paragon stat, skill and gem choices.
18.12.2019 0
A guide to Demon Hunter class in Diablo 3. All that you need in one place - build, gems, items, paragon points and more!
17.12.2019 0
A complete guide to Barbarian class in Diablo 3. Build, skills, gems, items, paragon points and everything else in one place!
13.12.2019 0
A guide to Wizard class in Diablo 3. Make your journey through Sanctuary easier with complete build and guide that every magician needs.
12.12.2019 0
A guide to Witch Doctor class in Diablo 3. Get quickly into Torment farming with easy to understand build that will take you there in no time.
10.12.2019 0
A complete guide to the Crusader class in Diablo 3 which will take you straight into Torment difficulties with necessary build and itemization.
30.09.2019 0
All Diablo 3 Classes can work really well when solo-farming, which is definitely te most important aspect of the game. That being said, specific builds and playstyles will differ a lot, depending on your class choice. Read this guide to learn more about it!