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Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold Guide. There are plenty of currencies in Blade and Soul called also bns gold. Each of them is obtained differently and have different usages. Now available on MMOAuctions! There are 2 of PVE currencies: Blade and Soul Gold is the main one, used to trade and to buy from local merchants. In BnS premium players can also obtain money from monster drops. Blade and Soul Gold can also be purchased via NCoin through the currency exchange market in-game. 1 unit of Blade and Soul Gold equals 100 units of Silver and 1 unit of Silver equals 100 of Copper. The second one is Valor Stone - obtained from quests and daily quests and sometimes dropped by the defeated monster. There are 4 of them: Viridian Valor Stones, Cinderlands Valor Stones, Moonwater Valor Stones, Silverfrost Valor Stones. Valor Stones are bound to account and cannot be traded. There is also a variety of PVP currencies like Faction Insignias, Contested Territory Insignias, Contribution Points, Prestige Points and Zen Beans. Looking for BnS Gold? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Blade and Soul Gold offers!