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Blade & Soul Gold

Buy Blade and Soul gold at MMOAuctions! There are plenty of currencies in Blade and Soul, but the most standard one is money with BnS gold being the most valuable coins.  Each of the currencies is obtained differently and they all have different usages. Blade and Soul gold is now available at MMOAuctions!

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Blade and Soul gold

There are three PVE currencies andgold is the main one, used to trade with other players and to buy from local NPC merchants. Players can get money as a form of reward for completing quests, BnS premium users can also get it as loot from killing mobs. Furthermore, you can get it for completing dungeons and of course selling unnecessary items to other players or NPC traders.


Blade and Soul gold can also be purchased via NCoin through the currency exchange market in-game. 1 unit of Gold equals 100 units of Silver and 1 unit of Silver equals 100 of Copper. 


The other PvE currencies are Celestial Peaches that can be acquired for finishing Celestial Basin Quests and Draken Cores that you can earn in Heroic Dungeons. Both of them can be exchanged for some useful stuff at certain merchants.


There is also a variety of PVP currencies like Faction Insignias, Contested Territory Insignias, Contribution Points, Prestige Points and Zen Beans. Blade and Soul features Naryu Coins and Naryu Silver as well as some other special currencies. Looking for buy BnS gold? Check MMOAuctions for the most recent Blade and Soul gold offers!


You can make decent amounts of gold by farming and doing certain easy dungeons, such as Naryu Foundry, Desolate Tomb and Ebondrake Citadel every single day, but that requires a lot of time and work. Grinding materials for sale is a good method of making some money for new players. You can also do the daily challenges, but the gains in general won’t be super fast. Buy gold at MMOAuctions to get your character geared up as quickly as possible.


Progression in Blade and Soul

If you want to get rich in Blade and Soul, but you don’t have times for questing and doing multiple dungeons everyday, you’re in the right place. There are multiple vendors selling gold at MMOAuctions. Just pick the right offer, contact the seller and enjoy your cheap Blade and Soul gold!


You can then use the gold to buy items in-game. Get more powerful weapons, armors, accessories and gems. Gold will be useful for buying from NPC merchants as well as from other players. If you manage to get huge amounts of gold, you might even be able to buy some of the most powerful and unique items in the game, both for PvE and PvP, including the special Raid Boss loot. Get the item you want quick, thanks to some of our sellers. 


Gearing up with nice items is a very important aspect of Blade and Soul. It can accelerate your experience gains, by simply making you more powerful and allowing for killing the monsters quicker. Even after you hit the maximum level 60, you will have ton of progression to do in terms of getting stronger equipment.


You will need good gear in every PvE situation and some of the PvP too. While some of the PvP content has built-in stat balancing (for example Arena), there still are things like 6v6 that are reliant on gear. Of course, it’s BnS, the better player can outplay even someone with stronger gear, but the equipment really comes into play here.


You need better weapons and armor to keep up in the more difficult dungeons and the harder locations provide you with better loot. This means that without a substantial acceleration at the beginning, you might be ramping up really slowly. 


In most MMORPGs, the endgame content is the most exciting part that many players want to access as soon as possible. In such a dynamic game as Blade and Soul, it’s even more significant! Buying gold at MMOAuctions with a simple click will get you much closer to that point.


This way you will not only be able to access the most interesting parts of BnS content quicker but at the same, you’ll get the possibility to focus on the in-game activities that bring the most fun and not the ones that optimize your economy. Enjoy Blade and Soul, even more, thanks to the gold you can purchase at MMOAuctions!


How you will get the gold

To get the gold you should search through the available offers. Read them carefully and select the one that suits you the most. Most of the gold trading happens in the cross server dungeons, so make sure your character fulfills the requirements set by the seller. You should also check whether the offer you’re looking at is available on your server, but you can easily toggle that using the tools available to you on the left part of your screen. After the merge, there is only one European and one North American server – NA Yura and EU Jinsoyun.


After you decided which offer is the best one for you, contact the seller and set up payment and delivery. Before placing your orders look for the MMO Super Seller badge for the most reliable traders and fastest delivery time. Buy BnS gold, place your order today!


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Blade and Soul - fast-paced MMO

Developed and published by NCSoft, Blade, and Soul is a dynamic Korean MMORPG that offers its players a lot of room for skill expression in combat. This fits really well with the game themes. It's based on Asian martial arts and Chinese mythology, but at the same time the game is set in a fairly modern fictional world. Enter the fast paced battle today!


During character creation, players can choose out of four available races the most physically imposing Gon, who are associated with dragons, the big-eared, small and dexterous Lyn, who are related to mythical creatures called Kirin, entirely female Yun, associated with birds and steadfast and tenacious Jin, related to the Black Tortoise. Uncover the fascinating story that keeps developing with the release of every expansion and update. 


The choice of race determines what classes will be available to you. Currently, there are 11 playable professions in the game: Blade Master, Destroyer, Summoner, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Assassin, Blade Dancer, Warlock, Soul Fighter, Gunslinger and Warden.


One of the greatest features of BnS is the way in which combat works. There’s no target locking known from many older MMORPGs, you can miss your abilities if you don’t aim the well. At the same time, it gives you a possibility of dodging incoming attacks. Some abilities can only be used in certain situations, it might be as a part of a combo, or during as a counter attack.  Players have to demonstrate their ability to position themselves well, use the surroundings to their advantage and to react quickly to everything that’s happening on the screen. They have to know their timings and when to attack their enemy as well as when to dodge or block. That makes the endgame PvE extra engaging and entertaining and the PvP extremely competitive (Blade and Soul has its own E-sport scene). Get youself a real challenge, trying to master the BnS combat system.


Make sure to check out Blade and Soul and buy some gold to get to higher levels and the most interesting part of the game quicker! The game is one of the most exciting MMORPGs and it’s definitely worth picking up! Find a perfect product and get a full BnS experience with MMOAuctions!