Sell keys that promote offers on mmoauctions and keys that are used to add offers on mmoauctions with a 100% profit from sales. What does it mean? It means that you will get the keys used to add offers for sale COMPLETELY FOR FREE fulfilling a few simple conditions. It will give you the opportunity to sell your keys cheaper than us which guarantees that customers will come back to you!

What you have to do?

  • You need to own a website that is connected to the topic of games. You can also be the seller on the website that trades items about games or be the owner of a group/discord server that revolves around that subject.
  • You have to own integrated payment system on your site or the ability to receive payments from customers.
  • You have to place a visible information on your site which shows that you are selling keys that allow users to post offers on mmoauctions.
  • The information on the site must contain the link to mmoauctions and a short description (it can be done in the form of banner).
  • At the bottom of the page you have to place an information that you are partner of the mmoauctions (including a link).
  • In the case of sales platforms you have to include a link to mmoauctions and a visible logo which shows that you are our partner with a link redirecting to our website.
  • In the case of groups and Discords you have to place a visible redirection to the mmoauctions platform, a logo and a description. In the description there has to be the information that you are partnering with mmoauctions and that you are selling keys.
Depending on your sales results and a traffic that your site generates we can supply you in keys at all times !

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