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Path of Exile Orbs

what are Poe Orbs

Path of Exile has been a competitor to Diablo in the hack'n'slash genre since the release of Diablo III. Many people during that time chosen PoE over the Blizzard's product, and to the surprise of many Grinding Gears Game proven that they know how to create a solid game. Path of Exile introduced gamers to many innovative solutions. One of them is the POE currency system. Instead of gold that we are getting in almost every MMO title, players acquire POE Orbs, which can be used as a reagent for item upgrading and as a currency to barter with different vendors in town - NPC's or other players. They're extremely important for PoE Trade. The economy in Path of Exile revolves around a variety of different Orbs, so it is crucial to know what they do and what you can get for them.

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Currency in Path of Exile

Below is an exhaustive list of currency in Path of Exile. If you are looking to get familiar with certain types of currency in the game, then we will shortly explain what you can do with it and if you should pay attention to collecting it in the game. Let's take a look at the most important types of Orbs and other valuable items that are able to be traded to the town vendor and other players in order to improve your character's equipment.  Remember - different Orbs have different market values and properties. 

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Scroll of Wisdom - The most common currency used for the identification of magic, rare, and unique items as well as strongboxes. Scrolls of Wisdom are a widespread currency that you can get from pretty much everything. Most of the high-level players tend to skip them since it would be too much of a trouble to pick up every single one. Because of that, their prices surprisingly rose, and you can get one Chaos Orb for around 100 of them. It means that if you want to improve your money made - picking them up might not be a bad idea.

Perandus Coin - Coins which were used exclusively in the Perandul league for trading with Cadiro Perandus. Worth picking up.

Orb of Transmutation - Used to upgrade items of standard rarity into Magic items. Pretty much irrelevant on lower levels, but they have found their use on bulk crafting for endgame gear. You might skip them or pick up to later trade for Chaos Orbs.

Armourer's Scrap - Improves the quality of armor by 1%. They are quite useful for upgrading your most precious pieces of gear - either use them on your most potent item to improve its quality or collect them to later trade for Chaos Orbs.

Portal Scroll - Summons a Town Portal. Again, lesser currency which can be collected if you are desperate for money. However, you won't need every single one of them, so you might as well skip picking up Portal Scrolls for the most time.

Blacksmith Whetstone - Improves the quality of a Weapon by 1%. The same story as with Armourer's Scrap - they might be useful to you, so either upgrade your weapons or collect them for future trades. 

Orb of Augmentation - Adds a random affix to Magic item. It is the first Orb really worth picking up. On lower levels, they aren't very useful. You might use them for weapon crafting to get a decent sword or wand, but in general, they should be stashed for future trades. 

Glassblower's Bauble - Improves the quality of a flask by 1%. Your final build should have implemented which flasks you want to use with it. Make sure to upgrade them with Glassblower's Bauble to maximum quality and sell the remaining ones. 

Jeweller's Orb - Changes the number of sockets on the item. The result is random but depends slightly on item level. They will be very useful for you to craft 4 sockets on all gear pieces, but don't try to go for 5 and 6 sockets as it requires too many attempts and generates too much of a waste. It's better to buy an item with sockets already implemented than to do it all by yourself since those orbs aren't that cheap early on.

Orb of Chance - Upgrades normal item into Magic or Rare tier. They are usually used on the lower level to improve currency strongboxes. However, they are quite valuable, so stashing them for later trading might also be a good idea.

Blessed Orb - Randomizes values of implicit modifiers on the item. One of the least useful orbs for players who didn't reach endgame yet. Stash them for trading, and don't use on your items.

Silver Coin - Used to buy prophecies from NPC Navali. People used to either skip them or collect those to attempt gambling for expensive prophecies at Perandus. If you are desperate for money, they might be good to pick up. 

Orb of Binding - Upgrades normal item into a Rare tier. It creates up to four sockets that are linked together — a very similar effect to Alchemy Orbs. Usually not worth using. Save them for trading later on.

Orb of Alteration - Re-rolls modifiers on Magic items. Usually not worth using. However, endgame players will buy them in large amounts to bulk craft top gear — worth saving, not worth using.

Chromatic Orb - Randomizes the colors of sockets on an item. You will need them to get the right colors on your sockets. Very useful early in the game and later on as well. It might be a good idea to save all of them and not to trade; however, if you don't consider future changes for your build, you might as well exchange them for Chaos Orbs from other players.

Orb of Alchemy - Upgrades item from normal into Rare tier. Usually used to upgrade strongboxes similarly to Orb of Chance, but Alchs are pretty costly. If you need more currency, save them for trading, and if you can afford the risk, then use them for Strongboxes.

Cartographer's Chisel - Improves the quality of a map by 1%. Currency much sought after by endgame players who want to upgrade their most precious maps. Avoid using it since it is quite costly unless you come across a map that can land you enormous profits. 

Regal Orb - Upgrades Magic item into Rare tier. Regal Orbs are practically useless unless you have a perfect jewel of a Magic tier that you want to upgrade furthermore. Sell them for Chaos Orbs.

Orb of Fusing - Randomizes the number of links between sockets on an item. You will use them to link every socket in your gear. Although, after that, they won't be that useful to you. Sell remaining ones for other currency orbs.

Simple Sextant - Can be used on Watchstone to implement modifiers on all maps from the selected region. Sell it for another currency item. PoE has a lot of them.

Orb of Scouring - Removes random modifiers from Magic and Rare items. High-level players use them for endgame gear crafting. Won't be as useful for most of the players, but pros will pay a reasonable price to add them to their collection. Sell for Chaos Orbs.

Engineer's Orb - Improves the quality of a Strongbox by 1%. Only useful for the most rare Strongboxes. You can carry some of them in inventory and upgrade Arcanist's, Cartographer's, and Diviner's Strongboxes; however, the safer option is to trade them for other currency.

Prime Sextant - Can be used on Watchstone to implement a modifier on all maps from the selected region. Sell it for other currency.

Orb of Horizons - Reforges a map type into another one from the same tier. Typically all orbs that revolve around mapping are only used by the wealthiest players. If you aren't among them, sell your Orbs of Horizon for Chaos Orbs. 

Chaos Orb - Randomizes modifiers of a Rare item. The bread and butter of Orb Trading. There are two main currencies in which you pay in the game, and Chaos Orbs is the lesser one. You shouldn't use them for other purposes than trading - with Chaos Orbs, you will be able to buy decent gear, gems that you need for your build, flasks, and everything else. They might also be useful later on to change stats on the most important maps.

Vaal Orb - Corrupts an item with new modifiers and values that can be more powerful than regular ones. Corrupted items cannot be furthermore altered or modified. Since Vaal Orbs have similar value to Chaos Orbs, they are often used for trading as well. They can be exchanged at a 3:4 ratio for Chaos Orbs.

Orb of Regret - Removes one character's passive skill and refunds a passive point. Similar to Vaal Orbs, they are also used as a currency but at a little bit better ratio. They can be exchanged at a 2:3 rate for Chaos Orbs. Orbs of Regret are used for resetting passive points and switching builds (especially during endgame); but, this process is extremely costly and should be avoided.

Gemcutter's Prism - Improves gem quality by 1%. Upgrade your endgame Gems to a maximum quality if you can afford to lose some currency, but in general, it is worth only when you are quite rich. You can either save them for later use or trade for other things.

Annulment Shard - 20 pieces of it can be combined into Orb of Annulment. Either stack them or sell for Chaos Orbs. Even though they are just parts of orbs, they are still very valuable.

Awakened Sextant - Can be used on Watchstone to implement a modifier on all maps from the selected region. Sell it for other currency.

Stacked Deck - Exchanged for one Divination Card. It is gambling since you can get from it absolutely nothing or an outstanding Divination Card. If you can afford to waste some currency, you can attempt to use it; however, we recommend to sell it for multiple Chaos Orbs.

Exalted Shard - 20 pieces of it can be combined into Exalted Orb. No practical use and you will most likely won't complete Exalted Orb from them, so sell it for other currency.

Harbinger's Orb - Reforges a map type into another one of the higher tiers. Another map upgrading tool but this time a very costly one. Unless you are deep into endgame content, forget about using it. Sell it for high amounts of currency.

Divine Orb - Re-rolls numeric values of modifiers on the item. It is used during endgame to improve furthermore already great items. Quite an expensive Orb that you should avoid using - it is cheaper to get good equipment from other players than to upgrade it all by yourself. Sell it for multiple Chaos Orbs and other currency that you might need. It's great for modifying equipment or allowing restructuring its stats. 

Orb of Annulment - Removes a random modified from Magic or Rare item. This Orb can be extremely useful during endgame crafting if you have an almost perfect item that has one unwanted line.  Because of that, these orbs are almost useless earlier in the game and should be sold for other ones. 

Ancient Orb - Reforges unique item into another one of the same class. They are useful only with specific items, and the process of getting value from them is rather costly. Sell them for a different currency.

Exalted Orb - Improves Rare items with an additional affix. Very Rare drop that you can receive from monsters. If you happen to stumble upon one, then congratulations - you have hit the jackpot. Exalted Orbs are used for improving endgame gear but also as a high-end currency that lets you pay for various items. In that matter, they are better versions of Chaos Orbs.

Redeemer's Exalted Orb - Implements Redeemer's influence and Redeemer's modifier to a rare item.

Crusader's Exalted Orb - Implements Crusader's influence and Crusader's modifier to a rare item.

Awakener's Orb - Used to destroy an item and apply its influence to another one. The second item becomes Rare, with both influence types but new modifiers. Another endgame crafting orb - sell it to the highest bidder for a very high price.

Warlord's Exalted Orb - Implements Warlord's influence and Warlord's modifier to a rare item.

Hunter's Exalted Orb - Implements Hunter's influence and Hunter's modifier to a rare item.

Mirror Shard - 20 pieces of it can be combined into Mirror of Kalandra. Even though it is only part of an item that alone is not useful at all, it is the part of an extremely costly item. It is doubtful that you will come across 20 of them during your gameplay, and because of that, you want to sell them to the highest bidder.

Eternal Orb - Creates an imprint of an item that later on can be restored — a weaker version of Mirror that doesn't drop in the game anymore. Eternal Orbs might be the rarest orbs in the game. They are used to create imprints of perfect items by pros; however, with how unique they are, they might become even more worthy in the future just because of their rarity. If you got one in your possession, sell it for real money at our site.

Mirror of Kalandra - Creates a perfect copy of another item. A mythical item that is extremely rare, but that can drop for anyone in the game. Mirrors are used by pros to duplicate the best items in the game. If you are lucky enough to drop, it doesn't even consider using it. Talk to many people and sell it to the highest bidder for multiple Exalted Orbs or create an auction at our website to sell it for real money. You will get hundreds of dollars for this one.

Splinters and Breachstones - 100 Splinters can be upgraded into breachstones. Depending on the type of breachstone, it unlocks a map (upon placing it on map device) to a certain Breachlords that can be fought for various rewards.

Blessings - Gained from defeating Breachlords. Blessings are used to improve Unique items into more powerful versions of them. 

Catalysts - Currency exclusive for Metamorph League that improves the quality of jewelry. 

What is Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online Action Role Playing Game created by Grinding Gears Games and released back in 2013. It is set in the Dark Fantasy world of Wraeclast, where player-controlled characters, also called Exiles, fight for survival, trying to uncover the truth why they have been betrayed. PoE is known for breaking up with the simplification of modern games. It is a title that encourages hardcore gameplay with lots of mechanics that give players freedom in terms of character development. The game brings back memories of Diablo 2 with its design as it is set in a dark, brutal world with deadly bosses, bloodthirsty monsters, and NPCs that often feel unfriendly. Not without a reason as Wraeclast is home to many criminals and members of the underworld who are - just like you - trying to survive. Players

Players will be able to choose one of the six classes (later in the game expanded into seven). Character customization options are non-existent for the class selection screen, so the only way to personalize your character comes from items. Each of the classes has a specific point of starting in a passive skill tree, which is the same for everyone in the game. Although it might sound disappointing, the passive skill tree is enormous and gives players an extremely high amount of choices in that matter. Thousands of builds involve various skills and styles of gameplay, and the new ones are created on a daily basis. The best PoE players are recommended to learn a lot about the game, since this knowledge and theorycrafting is extremely valuable, especially at the start of a new league, when a new patch makes other specific configurations of items more powerful than earlier. Players can kill hordes of monsters and open chests to find all types of Orbs, equipment and other great items.  

The game is also known for its replayability. Even though the main storyline may be completed in a couple of days, there are many things that can be done afterward. Players are given a chance to run on randomly generated maps with various difficulties, obstacles, and bonuses to gain powerful loot and upgrade their characters, which provides them with the strength to challenge hardest bosses in the game.

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Orbs can be found as drops, bought in town or received as rewards for quests. You can use some of them for restructuring of the character, you can also use them as currency and pay for items. Find rare orbs, able to be traded for powerful equipment, belt, or even other types of Orbs. They can be obtained from trade or as drops from monsters. PoE Orbs are important to the character's development and you will definitely need them to succeed as you play the game and face the toughest enemies, like the Goddess, the Shaper or Uber Elder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you farm Alchemy Orbs in PoE?

You can receive them upon trading three rare items when at least two of them have the same name. That's the best way of farming Alchemy Orbs.

How do you get Exalted Orbs in PoE?

They are received as a very rare random drop from every monster.

Can you get banned for buying PoE currency?

It is unlikely that you will get banned by buying orbs on our website.

At what level do Exalted Orbs drop?

There are no level restrictions. If you are lucky, you can get them at level 1.

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