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Path of Exile Orbs

PoE currency system is very unique among all other MMO games. It features use of poe orbs and scrolls instead of a classical monetary system known to all MMO fans. Value of certain orbs depends on their rarity - they can be obtained as a drop from monsters or chests, bought directly from vendors in town or received through the use of vendor recipe system by trading specific configurations of items to any town vendors. Path of Exile Orbs are known as: Armourer's Scrap, Blacksmith Whetstone, Blessed Orb, Blessings of Chayula, Esh, Tul, Uul-Netol and Xoph, Chaos Orb, Chromatic Orb, Divine Orb, Exalted Orb, Gemcutter's Prism, Glassblower's Bauble, Jeweller's Orb, Mirror of Kalandra, Orb of Alchemy, Orb of Alteration and many many more. Looking for poe currency? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual orbs offers from players and traders worldwide!

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Table of Content

  • - Path of Exile
  • - Few words about PoE Orbs and Scrolls
  • - Path of Exile currency
  • - Why you should buy currency in Path of Exile?

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is free to play, an online video game available on digital distribution platform such as Steam. The game fits into action role-playing and hack and slash genre and has its version for PC’s and also Xbox One. Version for PC was released on 23 October 2013, for Xbox One in August 2017 and for PlayStation 4 it is scheduled for release in December 2018. Path of Exile players has an opportunity to play in singleplayer or multiplayer mode. The game also perfectly links elements of PvE and PvP which makes it a very good title. If you are searching for a good Free 2 Play game that can keep your attention for a little bit longer, I would definitely suggest you trying out Path of Exile. The game is not available on the mobile version.

Few words about PoE Orbs and Scrolls


Poe Orbs are in-game items that can be possessed by farming or trading with other players, like gold in Runescape or money in various MMORPGs. Each Orb has its own characteristic features. Usually, it serves some kind of specific and unique function that affect your equipment or development of your character. For example:

Orb of Regret Orb of Regret - currency item that can also be used to gain one passive skill refund point.


Orb of AlternationOrb of Alternation - currency item, can be used to re-roll the modifiers that characterized some piece of equipment


Orb of FusingOrb of Fusing - also a currency, used also to change links between various sockets in some items.


Orb of Alchemy

Orb of Alchemy - currency item. Can upgrade the normal piece of equipment (set, gloves, blade, armour, weapons) to rare.



Scrolls are very common in-game currency. As an item, they have a possibility to identify items between for example magic, unique or rare. Scrolls can be dropped by the monster or taken from chests. It is also possible to craft a scroll from five Scroll Fragments. Her you have possible crafting for scrolls:


Items Scrolls of Wisdom
1x Portal Scroll - Portal Scroll 1x Scroll of Wisdom - Scroll of Wisdom
1x Orb of Alternation - Orb of Alternation 2x Scroll of Wisdom - Scroll of Wisdom
1x Blacksmith's Whetstone - Blacksmith's Whetstone 4x Scroll of Wisdom - Scroll of Wisdom
1x Orb of Alternation - Orb of Alternation 4x Scroll of Wisdom - Scroll of Wisdom
1x Orb of Transmutation - Orb of Transmutation 4x Scroll of Wisdom - Scroll of Wisdom

Path of Exile currency

Path of Exile has a unique in-game economic system with scrolls, gems, orbs. Items stand for main currency, what makes the whole gameplay more pleasurable for me because it differs this game from other titles in this genre. Orbs and Scrolls are the main currencies in Path of Exile while also have a specific function, that very often also determine their price. Orbs and Scrolls can be bought, looted, found in a chest or traded from other players

Why you should buy currency in Path of Exile?

As I have mentioned before, there are only a few ways of possessing orbs or scrolls and each of them is consuming a lot of your time. To keep up with other players and gain some advantage on the start it is necessary to have some currency. If you are interested, I strongly recommend you to stock up in a few things to make start more pleasurable and speed up development of your character.


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