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Albion Online Silver

Main currency in Albion Online is Silver exchangeable to Gold on the Gold Exchange located in the upper right row of shortcuts. With Albion Online Silver you can buy/sell at market and vendor. Tired of farming Albion Online Gold? Check MMOAuctions for actual Albion currency offers! There is also the second currency available in Albion Online which is Royal Sigils. It is acquirable from quest completing. They can be exchanged for Royal Armor in the buildings situated near quest givers. And of course here - on MMOAuctions! When trading with Albion Online players remember to check them using our special feature - Scamkiller! The best Albion Online Gold offers only on MMOAuctions.com!

albion online silver

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Albion Online Silver Guide - Albion Beginners Guide

Albion Online is an MMORPG released in July 17, 2017 by Sandbox Interactive. Despite it’s rocky start, after some polishing, it is currently one of the leading MMORPG games out there gaining more players every day. If you are one of the new players and have no idea how to earn Albion Silver, what play style to choose, or what build to pick: this guide is for you.


In this guide, we will give you a basic idea what Albion Online is, what to expect and what mistakes to avoid when venturing around the world of Albion. Giving you introduction to the game and guide your very first steps.

What is Albion Online?

It has to be said: Albion Online is a buy-to-play full loot sandbox MMORPG, which basically means - if you die, you will lose your stuff and silver. Albion Online is very focused on PVP and player driven economy systems.


Albion Online requires you to purchase the game to play. Game packs begin at 30$ (unless there is some sort of sale), but there are also higher-tier packs that finish at as much as 100$, but with the game’s economy being over a year old the benefits for the more expensive packs are not as big as they were initially and are not really worth it unless you want them for some flair items and 100$ worth of premium subscription game time.


There is also an option to get a free 7-day trial for Albion Online which are often given out on official Albion Online subreddit, discord or by various streamers.

Creating a Character

Albion Online doesn’t give you much of a choice when it comes to creating your character, you have few set presets and a gender selection. You can select from limited variety of skin tones, hair and facial hair styles and clothing options and that is pretty much it. The real customization is done through your gameplay but we will get to that later on. There are no classes or races, everyone starts as this lowly human character. Albion Online is a classless game, your character’s abilities and “class” are determined by the equipment you wear.


So you start off on a beach wearing nothing but a loincloth, what now?


Moving around is simple and intuitive for the isometric camera setting. RMB is your “action” key you will use to move around and perform actions. If you click on your character avatar you will see a list of all manner of statistics for your characters, including recent deaths and kills, list of Albion achievements, and wide variety of other stats showing your characters history and status.


You can change your avatar at any time (and you will unlock new avatars with various achievements over time) but it won't affect your character's physical appearance.


The little “+” icon below your character screen allows you to invite other people to party. If you ever feel like grouping up with a player simply press the “+” button, type in players name in the window that just appeared and press “Enter”. You can also invite them by right clicking their name in the chat window and selecting “Invite (Party)”.


There is an arena queue button which you should not worry at the moment. This is a fairly new feature that allows players to queue up for 5v5 arena fights to earn various rewards. Important thing to note, however, is that you do not lose your loot when you die in the arena. So you won't have to buy Albion Silver to regain your loot.


Next icon in the upper right corner of the screen will be your inbox, where you will receive all sorts of communications. This is also the place you will be able to claim various rewards at, including pack activation reward like Albion Online Silver you buy with it.


The basic 30$ pack will reward you with 30 days of premium account and you want to have it activated as soon as possible. Altho it is possible to play without premium account active, but you will progress extremely slowly when compared to players with premium and there is no activity you can perform at the same efficiency as premium players.


If you, however, cannot afford monthly premium then you should save up your silver to buy one as players have a possibility to purchase premium account tokens off the game publishers and sell them off for silver to other players and there are a lot of the players in the game that are able to sustain their premium status on multiple characters just by playing the game efficiently and buy Albion Silver or buy Albion Gold.


Next you will have your inventory screen with a pop-out detailed statistic sheet. Here you can see the items you have equipped in your main slots as well as your cape, your bag, food, potion and your chosen mount. You will also notice a limited number of inventory slots for carrying all sorts of goods, carry capacity, Albion Gold and Albion Silver. Better mounts and better bags, as well as certain pieces of equipment will make it possible for you to carry more stuff around.

Albion Online Silver and Gold

There are two currencies in Albion: Silver and Gold. With Albion Silver being your standard currency and Gold being more of a “premium” currency, but not something you will see in typical “pay2win” games with premium currency being used for cash shop items that are extremely powerful when compared to standard ones. Fortunately enough Albion Online is not one of those games. Albion Gold is used to buy premium subscriptions and certain cosmetic only items but its value is determined by a gold exchange market (which you can find under the Albion Gold coin icon in your upper right corner) where you can actually buy and sell gold with silver and trace its current exchange rates (that will change depending on supply to demand ratio). So it is a premium currency you can buy with Albion Silver.


When you enter your subscriptions tab you will see that you can pay for the subscription using Albion Gold (which you buy with Albion Online Silver) or with real money.


Next button on the list is your guild tab. Once you’re in a guild it will tell you what battles your guild has upcoming and members list. If you are not in a guild you can use this panel to search and apply for one, or create a guild of your own.  


Another button on the top is building UI (shortcut “H”) which allows you to place various structures on your personal Island or on areas that you own, such as player-owned farms and town plots. This is not our priority since as a new player you won't have any land to build on.


From the upper panel, you can also access your friend list, which is pretty much self-explanatory. Coming up next is a ranking panel which will display rankings of players and guilds depending on the category you will select like Kill Value, Fame, Collected Albion Silver, Resource Value, Territories Owned, and Area Wins. You can narrow this down to the current week, previous week and overall rankings. As you open up your map you will see certain guilds holding certain territories and fighting over them constantly, but currently, this does not concern you as you are just a guy in a loincloth.

Important shortcuts you need to memorize

M - will bring up the world map
N - will bring up the local map where will bring up your local map marking all the points of interest in the area.
B - destiny board
I - Inventory
H- Building UI

Destiny Board

This is how you plan and monitor your character progress, even though it seems massive in scope don’t, by any means, feel intimidated by it. As we said before there are no classes in Albion but you can unlock certain specializations on the destiny board, to unlock for example, spear proficiency on your destiny board just equip a spear and start using it. Unlocking any ability in certain tree won't stop you from unlocking different specializations and proficiencies and in theory, you can unlock everything on the Destiny Board but it practice it would take you a staggering amount of time.


The first thing you want to focus on is progressing through the adventurers tutorial, or buy Albion Gold, (yellow dots on the Albion Destiny Board) and eventually you will become a novice adventurer at which point your journey into Albion really begins as you gain access to all the other branching paths. Although there are no levels in Albion there are two major branches that will determine your character advancement. The first branch will be the adventurer path (the central branch) which you progress by gaining fame from any source until you reach Elder Adventurer status. Adventurer Tier (there are 8 possible) determines what mounts you can ride, what tools you can use, what bags and capes you can wear and will unlock some new avatars for you to choose from.


If you have problems with progressing you can always buy Albion Silver on mmoauctions.com to speed this up.  Another tree that determines players’ overall progression is the Reaver tree which guides players through PvE progression (fighting monsters and NPC characters all over the world), as you kill more monsters you will further your Reaver tier which will unlock certain bonuses when fighting monsters of the certain, corresponding tier. You can fight monsters on tier higher than your Reaver tier but it will be significantly harder and not as efficient. Albion won’t stop you from traveling to zones higher than your Adventurer Level to fight mobs higher than your Reaver Tier but as a new player, you should use those branches as a rough guide of where you should go next.


The left side of the Destiny Wheel is all about weapons and armor you want to use, roughly sorted in heavy-medium-light groups so next to plate armor you will see some heavy weapons and next to leather armor tier you will see some skirmisher weaponry but nothing stops you from mixing armor types with different weapons. Next, you will see farming, potion making and breeding tiers which are things you can do using your island and town plots. A gathering line will show you what kind of materials you can gather in Albion and will allow you to unlock access to a higher tier and rare gatherables throughout the world. Refining will allow you to transform various raw resources into usable materials such as ingots or planks. To the very right, you will see a huge selection of crafting trees which will allow you to turn those precious ingots into various weapons armor and tools which you can then use to sell items in Albion Online.

First Steps

First of all - don’t worry too much, despite Albion Online being a full loot game, this does not mean you will be slaughtered within first minutes upon entering the game. The game will warn you before you will travel to a zone where open PvP is allowed. You will begin your journey in one of the landing spots of the five biomes. There are five types of territories in Albion: mountains or “snow zones”, forest, steppes that is a desert/oasis biome, highlands and swamp biome.


Biomes define what kind of resources and wildlife you will encounter, so, for example, forest areas are good for wood, mountains are good for metals, highlands are good for stone etc. .


But first things first. Begin by progressing your adventurer tutorial. Begin by gathering some logs, find a tree, right click on it and your character will start gathering. Bottom tier materials will require no tools to gather so you can do it by hand, but as you progress you will need special tools to gather higher tier materials. Once you have gathered enough stone you can craft your first tool. Destiny Tree will have you craft a skinning knife which you can use to collect skin from nearby rabbits. Once you have enough leather you can craft a jacket and you will get your first spell. As you can see, spells and abilities are bound to gear you use.

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