Albion Online is a medieval sandbox MMORPG inspired by old school MMORPGs like Conquer Online and Mortal Online with full loot PvP, crafting, and player housing. Albion is now available on MMOAuctions!
 Everything in Albion Online must be crafted by players (or bought here, on MMOAuctions!) and PvP is open world. Graphically the game actually looks a lot like Runescape, except with much more detailed visuals. Those looking for a unique sandbox MMO should find a lot to like in Albion Online. In Albion you are provided with classless progression (equipment is determining your class), economy driven by players, items looted from character upon death, cities built by player, cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android) and many many more, mostly available on MMOAuctions!