Growtopia Items

Growtopia Items

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Item system in Growtopia

The whole gameplay of Growtopia is based on a single unique gimmick. All useful materials can grow on trees – it applies to things like sand, stone and many others. Instead of harvesting supplies like in Minecraft and many other games of this style, you collect seeds. They can later be mixed and matched to create new trees that will provide different types of resources. It’s an interesting system that works especially well for new players that get to experiment and explore all the recipes.

The fastest way of progressing in the game is visiting multiple worlds, harvesting all the desired materials for seeds (you will usually just take everything that’s available) and returning to their own world in order to plant trees. When the trees grow, you harvest the supplies.

It’s a relatively simple system with a single flaw. Many players are mainly interested in building and affecting their surroundings in games like that. In order to build anything significant in Growtopia, you’ll need large amounts of materials. It makes the early parts of the game extremely grindy. Luckily, you can make them much more enjoyable thanks to Growtopia items available at MMOAuctions!

Most Important Growtopia Items

There are two major categories of items that are traded in Growtopia: locks and seeds.

Locks are a very interesting feature. They’re consumable items that allow you to close off an entire world from unwanted visitors. They’re tradable and basically every player can use them, what turned them in the game’s main currency.

100 World Locks can be turned into a Diamond Lock (to save the inventory space) and Diamond Locks can always be shattered into 100 World Locks. The Diamond version doesn’t have any extra functionalities, it just makes managing large amounts of currency significantly easier.

You can get locks and use them to close off your world or to buy different types of useful items from other players within the game. Just remember not to use a Diamond Lock for locking a world – it’s a massive waste of resources.

Seeds are pretty self-explanatory. Some resources might be more difficult to find than the others and getting your supplies from other players is a great idea. You can buy whole stacks of useful seeds from traders on our website! They can make your gaming experience more fun and satisfying from the get-go!