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Archeage Gold

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ArcheAge set the players on the mysterious continent of Nuia, waiting for them to choose one of the classes that this universe offers. This huge sandbox MMORPG has become one of the most popular games of the last years. We are MMOAuctions, an online platform that aims to provide you with the best virtual goods and in-game currencies of more than 40 games that we talk about in our site. If you are looking for ArcheAge Gold then your search is over, you can't count on us to provide you exactly what you need.

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There is a never-ending list of things to do inside this amazing game developed by XL Games. The farming, crafting, housing, and combat system are just amazing and it never gets boring at all. But in the real world, time usually is very limited and as much as we would like to earn gold by ourselves sometimes the best thing to do is to buy ArcheAge Gold online. If you have enough ArcheAge Gold then you can concentrate on doing other activities inside the game that can bring you more joy. 

Just select one of the offers posted on our site and contact the provider. We have the best sellers in the world but if you feel like something is out of place you can always use the Scam Killer tool that MMOAuctions created for you to minimize the risk of getting scammed.

If you did all the process necessary for getting gold and now you want to sell it this is the right place to do it. We understand how hard it is to get this currency on this game so as a reward of your hard effort we won't charge you any fees the moment you make a sale. That's right, if you are selling ArcheAge Gold you won't lose any money

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ArcheAge uses the standard currency found in most RPGs which are Gold, Silver, and Copper. Obtained from NPC drops, quests, selling items to NPC's and in the Auction House, and of course here, on MMOAuctions! Archeage Gold there is only one of few several different currencies. Gilda Star is used for major purchases such as buying ships and houses. It can be obtained from quests and turning in trade packs. This currency cannot be traded among players. Another currency is Honor Point - achievable by PvP. Among other currencies, there are Vocation Badges, Loyalty Tokens, Prestige, Merit Badges, and Credits (which is a premium currency used to buy boosts, equipment, mounts, and patron). If you are interested in ArcheAge Gold, search MMOAuctions for offers! 

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