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Archeage Gold

ArcheAge Gold in a few words. ArcheAge uses the standard currency found in most RPGs which is Gold, Silver, and Copper. 100 Copper = 1 Silver, 100 Silver = 1 Gold. Obtained from NPC drops, quests, selling items to NPC's and in the Auction House and of course here, on MMOAuctions! Archeage Gold there is only one of few several different currencies. Gilda Star is used for major purchases such as buying ships and houses. Can be obtained from quests and turning in trade packs. This currency cannot be traded among players. Another currency is Honor Point - achievable by PvP. Among other currencies, there are Vocation Badges, Loyalty Tokens, Prestige, Merit Badges and Credits (which is a premium currency used to buy boosts, equipment, mounts, and patron). If you are interested in ArcheAge Gold, search MMOAuctions for offers! And be sure to check trader on our Scamkiller!