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When World of Warcraft patch 7.3.5 dropped it completely changed how the power leveling process in WoW works. With reduced travel times and improved quest experience, often the new wow power leveling feels more fun, a more personal experience, and not like a chore and since every zone now scales up to your character it’s up to you what zones will you chose on your path to maximum level so every time you might get a different, better experience. In Battle For Azeroth players have to reach level 120 before they can enjoy the raid content and a certain gearscore before they can participate in special heroic dungeons with random players. It is safe to say that this game changed history forever. You may spend days grinding for gold since the first moment you start playing, or you can receive the level boost directly from a professional booster using the options that we can provide you.


Previously you’d either out-level quests in the zone entirely just by doing few of them or get them to green fast which was not good because it decreased the wow leveling efficiency of the time spent power leveling in wow. In the new system, the quests are always good because they scale and you never out level the zones so assuming you play your card right you can wow level up decently fast. And that’s something that we have found to be the case. One issue that players reported at launch was that Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor mobs were disproportionately affected by this new power leveling wow system, Blizzard was fast to recognize the issue and has addressed the power level balance issue in the recent update.


You must know that while getting your boost, your experienced trainer will also get you some transmogrification items, secondary characters (like orc) and improve faster gathering. 


Blizzard has targeted the level 99 + mobs so 90-93 mark mobs got a reduction of 32% health, warlords of Draenor mobs from 90 to 97 about 7,5 to 8,9 percent reduction, level eight nine mobs have had a 21% reduction, 99 got a 32% reduction and 100 received a 42 percent reduction, so this should fix a lot of issues encountered early on. Recruiting a friend for wow boosts is now a fifty percent boost and does not stack with heirlooms which means it will be impossible to get over 50% experience boost on a character with exception of, of course, rested xp.


WoW - Getting Geared and becoming more powerful

The idea is to upgrade as fast as possible. 7.3.5 scaled down the power of heirlooms which makes them pretty much on par with blue gear for your level. This tilts the balance of power on to the enchants, yes it is possible to enchant your heirlooms, but it is sometimes annoying because of few prerequisites, like having a profession, others requiring a certain level. There is a wide selection of enchantments that can be applied at any level which means you can go around with an enchanted set of heirlooms.


Enchants, however, scale down so for example Warlords of Draenor enchants will work differently on a level 1 character than it would on a Legion number one, the stats scale down but the entire thing works pretty smoothly. When talking about heirlooms remember to go to the heirloom vendor and unlock the flight points on your new character which is pretty essential for optimal wow leveling setup, also it's also good to get heirloom mounts. The boosters registered on our site will keep your real gold level high thanks to the payment option that you prefer. Don't worry if you have a high level account, our team will grant you the security you need while offering cheap prices and real offers that won't last for long. To unlock heirloom mounts you need to have 35 heirlooms in your collection so just go to the heirloom vendor and buy just whatever until you get the mount.


This allows you to mount up from level 1 which is another large speed increase. Next you have to choose your spec. Some specs are, obviously, better than others when it comes to leveling speed due to their burst DPS potential. As an example, when playing as a warrior you will find that arms are way faster than Fury because of its ability to immediately charge in to a large amount of upfront damage rather than generating rage before dishing out serious numbers like it takes place on fury. You can always run LFR Uldir for some guaranteed weapons. 


WoW Power Leveling and boosting services - The Method, learn tricks to be the best around

We know that, sometimes, power leveling can be a hard and a boring challenge. Basically, the zones that used to be in the level range of 10 to 20 are extremely fast leveling. These zones were originally designed for characters who did not have access to a mount so the quests are packed into hubs that are close to one another and you can go through them extremely quickly getting massive amounts of experience per hour. For example in Westfall getting from 43 to 46 in about 40 minutes which is extremely fast under the new system. Another good region is Silverpine Forest. which begins at the edge of Tirisfal glades. Designed with very short walk distances. You basically move down the zone in short hops between quest hubs in the glory of the banshee queen and it’s extremely efficient. Same goes for zones designed in a similar fashion like Darkshore or Loch Modan where you can easily gain a level every 15 minutes.


This works for almost all lower level areas of the game and it’s really fast, the one place that I would not recommend is Northern Barrens mostly because it has a bunch of slow as hell escort quests. Oh and when we are talking low level areas we have your faction low level zones, as they have more simple and fast quests, easy to navigate layout, and all are quite compact. Also places like Elwynn Forest and Dun Morogh scale from 1 to 20 so i’d recommend doing two of such starting zones to hit level 20. But that’s the case only if you can get some sort of fast transportation, like a friendly warlock who can summon you to another newbie area or a buddy with a two-seater flying mount, or just go yourself a cup of tea while your character goes through the flight point network.


The new scaling system makes it so it can take a bit more time to clear a zone but since you don't have to see your level in fear of outleveling the zone it reduces your “downtime” by quite a bit and taking out the overall time it takes to level up a character. All Blizzard really has done is shift the balance towards gameplay and away from travel time, so efficiency is extremely important as we dont want to counteract the speed gains which brings us to another topic: remember to use your hearthstone really well!


Westfall, for example, is terrible without a good use of a hearthstone due to many quests in mine shafts and caves, but when attuning your hearthstone correctly it actually turns into a pleasurable experience. Also look out for rare mobs as killing them yields around half-a-quest worth of experience, which is really great since those mobs are perfectly killable solo and is an easy way to get the most out of a zone. The best way to utilize those rare mob spawns is to install NPC Scan addon that will notify you when there is a nearby rare spawn. Choosing zones is only a part of the puzzle, the other thing is having a speedrunners mindset. Learn how to pull large packs of mobs and then dispose of them fast, this can work great on a shadow priest which in voidform kills pretty much anything you have DoTed etc. Basically two different people put in the same zone can have a widely different experiences and outcomes with the player that has the speedrunners mentality (knowing how to pull, what to pull, what to ignore and how to optimize your travel) will always come on top by a wide margin when it comes to wow leveling.


WoW Boosting Guide: Stop suffering with the game and learn all the tricks 


Dungeon running used to be one of the best wow power leveling methods before patch 7.3.5 went live. Currently dungeon running is in a full strange place, dungeon mobs have been scaled more than the world mobs leading to dungeons taking quite a bit more time to complete. Bosses are timed right now to utilize all their mechanics and durations, it certainly will get new players more familiar with world of warcraft raiding and endgame dungeon running mechanics but can get pretty frustrating for veterans to go through. Currently it's not really worth chain-running the dungeons unless they have some incompleted quests in them, so it is worth doing each dungeon at least once, but that’s pretty much it. Past vanilla content dungeons take way more time to complete and even the quests inside don’t make them worthwhile for speed runners.

Fifty eight (58) to Eigthy (80) level

The rescaling made it possible to fully complete this bracket in one of two continents and contents: Wrath of The Lich King and The Burning Crusade content. In comparison Wrath of The Lich King has better questing overall with few “bumps” like Borean Tundra which is extremely tedious. So it’s best to head over to the Howling Fjords and then move through Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Sholazar Basin and then probably it would be best to finish off at Icecrown. This seems to be the optimal path when it comes to quest density and travel times. Zul’Drak is also a pretty good questing zone and Storm Peaks, even tho an overall brilliant zone, the questing efficiency is trampled by the long travel times between the hubs and quest zones. Icecrown is also not perfect but if you don’t mind annoying packs of mobs and a few slow quests it can be easily replaced with Zul’Drak for wow leveling.

Eighty (80) to ninety (90) level

This bracket also spans over two different expansions: Mists of Pandaria and Cataclysm and it’s probably better to quest in Cataclysm regions since they follow a more linear format than Pandaria, just like newbie areas. This means you are getting very efficient travel times without much of a downtime and very little backtracking, that being said i would actually skip Uldum as its focus on Harrison Jones means quite a few cutscenes, long escort quests, gimmick quests and just travelling making this zone extremely slow when it comes to experience per hour gains. But you can still safely skil Uldum and do the other Cataclysm zones and end up on level 90. This includes, hated by many, Vashj'ir. Like it or not Vashj’ir is one of the fastest zones to go through with loads of XP yielding quests, in Vashj’ir alone you can get from level 80 to level 86.

NiNETY (90) TO ONE HUNDRED (100) level

Warlords of Draenor is pretty straightforward. Use the 20% experience potion available from your garrison, they are account wide so you can mail them over from your main if you have one. Then, if you have flying, just go around and pick up treasures and complete bonus objectives and whenever you are picking a new treasure pop guild banner for that extra XP. So basically what it means is questing + bonus objectives + treasures and you can rifle through draenor pretty fast. You should be able to be done with draenor by the end of the second zone or by the beginning of the first one.

oNE hUNDRED (100) TO oNE HUNDRED AND TEN (110) level

To reach the highest levels in WoW, you have to read what follows. Reaching this goal requires the completion of all these steps. As for the Legion content it's pretty much the same as Draenor but slower, so do the quests, remember to complete legion invasion, complete world quests, defeat rare mobs and pick up treasures. Dungeon quests are great so they are also good to do.

While leveling legion it’s also important to remember about Legion Factions as some of the content is locked behind having a certain reputation level with a wow faction. This includes prequests for WoW Allied Races characters which require exalted with a certain faction. For example prequest for Highmountain Tauren requires you to have Exalted with the Highmountain Tribes faction in Highmountain. Here are few tips for legion reputation grind:


Do the emissary quests, doing full emissary quests (4 daily zone quests) provides you 1,500 reputation and is your main source of reputation income. And it might seem that this is the best and, actually, the only way to grind reputation. But there is so much more you can do to speed up this tedious process.


When doing daily quests and you don’t have enough time to do them all you can just stick to doing the most efficient ones for achieving successful power leveling. You should stick to quests marked as group and quests marked as blue in order to get more reputation. Even if you have your daily emissary done and there are some leftover blue and group quests go ahead and do them, they are usually fast as they require a group boss kill which is a breeze thanks to the group finder tool.


Do The Wardens world quests. Warden quests are unique, apart from always being a single boss kill, what’s unique about them is that they always are able to grant you reputation towards two factions: The Wardens + whatever faction is in the zone. For example, doing Wardens quests in Stormheim will grant additional reputation towards the Valarjar faction. With current ilvl averaging at about 910 soloing those quests is extremely easy but if you are still new and are underleveled just use group finder tool, there is always a group formed for every daily boss out there, so look for an alliance, don't hesitate.


Hunt for reputation token quests on the mission table and always get them to 200%. From time to time you will notice constantly a reputation mission for your followers that will usually grant 2X250 rep tokens, but if you do them with 200% success chance you will additionally gain 2X750 reputation tokens so always be sure to aim for those bonus rewards, it is especially easy with Argus high level recruitable troops, so play it if it's possible and you accept and decide to do it, that's your choice.


Do elites in Argus. Elites in argus reset daily which means you can kill a different set of elites once every day for increased rewards even if they are not a world quest kill. Killing them can grant you a token that rewards a 1k bonus reputation to the faction of your choice. Argus elites are usually soloable around 920+ item level but if you are having problems I’d recommend picking Warframe as your zone ability on The Vindicaar, this will allow you to use a Lightforged Warframe “robot” every 10 minutes that has some heavy punching skills and can easily solo 100milion+ hitpoints elite mob.You could also go Arathor or Streamwheedle Cartel to go after Proudmoore paid expansion and get the loot everyone desired for your hero. Shoot lightning longer in this subscription based classic Terenas experience in Karazhan! Buying on chat while you farm has never been easier! Get boosted and make money in the game process. 


Be sure to do Kirin Tor Emissary quests as they can grant you tokens that will reward reputation towards a faction of your choice, this is an additional advice even professional high experienced players want to know, so keep it in mind.


Why grind wow reputation? First of all, for vendor rewards, each faction has a unique vendor with faction-specific rewards like toys, mounts, enchants, recipes and gear. Furthermore, you will need exalted with Legion factions on at least one character if you are ever planning on flying in Legion content. Exalted is also required to unlock allied races. Currently, each faction (Horde/Alliance) has 2 unlockable Allied Race (more will come in Battle for Azeroth) Void Elves (which require exalted with Argussian Reach) and Lightforged Draenei for Alliance (which require Army of The Light) both factions are found on Argus. Horde requires the exalted with Highmountain Tribe to unlock Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne to unlock Nightborne Elves of Suramar. Add to your shopping cart everything you desire! The safety of your data is secured with our use of cookies. Click the package you wish to acquire, our providers will deliver it within 24 hours. As you can see, we don't take years to fulfill your dreams.


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