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WOW Mounts & Pets

WoW Mounts and WoW pets - rarest Mounts and Pets

There is one activity that is shared by most world of warcraft players in-between content: collecting stuff. Having the largest and rarest collection of Azerothian creatures is a secret dream of many but achieved only by few cause this task requires dedication, patience and sometimes a competent teammates. Here is a list of rarest pets and mounts in the game. Remeber You can search rare mounts on  Simple try:  buy wow pets , rarest mounts in wow, wow items for sale, wow mount farming, wow mounts for sale, wow spectral tiger, in our search engine. You can buy wow gold on and buy rare pets and mounts form players in game. You wont find such a pet system in League of Legends or Final Fantasy XIV. And unlike Diablo 3 those pets can be used for combat!

 Top 10 rare battle WoW pets

There are ton of obtainable wow mounts and wow pets in the game, some are found in the wild, some are bought and some are obtained during live events. In this list we are focusing on the pets that are actually obtainable in game.

10. Stardust  - To obtain this stardust bunny you will have to complete watcher Algalon Celestial Invitation. To get the invitation you will have to complete Raiding with Leashes IV achievement, which is a huge task by itself. Beating Algalon in the pet battle is no easy task but with enough preparation you should be able to go through. After Algalon is defeated he will reward you with his trusted companion: Stardust.

9. Thistleleaf Adventurer  -Rare “version” of Timeless Isle Dandelion Frolicker but unlike him, Adventurer rides a mini version of Fae Dragon when you’re mounted. This pet has a very low chance to be obtained from Dreamweaver Provisions boxes that you get for completing Val’Sharah emissary quests. You can speed up the pet grind by doing the emissary quests on as many alts as you have and if you are really impatient you can find the Adventurer on the Auction House.

8. The Wonderous Wisdomball - Unfortunately this is a non-combat pet so you can't pick it when battling others but this companion is just too cool to skip. If you want Khadgar's head following your every footstep and judging you with his tired eyes you have to complete “Enemies Everywhere” quest which is a kill quest in Dalaran. To begin, you have to loot a Strange Humming Crystal from Kirin Tor emissary reward chest.  Weirdly enough, head of the defiant wizard can be caged and traded but it can go very expensive on the Auction House.

7. Hateful Eye  - To even think about getting the eye you first have to have a level 105+ Warlock or Demon Hunter. In your Order Hall research an upgrade called Demonic Offering (if you are Warlock) or Twisting Nether (if you are Demon Hunter). The demon bosses that you summon that way have a small chance of dropping the Hateful Eye. It is non-cageable so you can’t buy or sell it off on the Auction House.

6. Alliance Enthusiast / Horde Fanatic  -Those fanbois are faction-exclusive and earned separately so if you want both you have to make sure you have a character on the both sides of the conflict. Equipped with all sorts of faction merch and bling they are fun little companions to travel around to show your team spirit. To get this pet all you have to do is reach prestige level 50. If you are patient enough you can limit yourself to the Warden Tower dailies and not even bother yourself doing PvP.


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5. Lagan  - Fun “Little Mermaid” reference is a reward for “Poor Unfortunate Souls” achievement which requires you to Defeat Helya in Maw of Souls while all group members are Poor Unfortunate Souls on Mythic difficulty. To get the “Poor Unfortunate Souls” debuff required for the achievement you will have to go to the Black Rook Hall and click the candle inside, go through all the bosses then go th the Maw of Souls and get to Helya, after second boss in Maw of Souls your debuff will get extended by 15 minutes so you have to push but you don’t have to rush it like crazy. There is one catch to this tho: nobody can die even once during the entire thing.

4. Albino Buzzard  - It’s quite a new pet so not many people are farming it yet. There is a Flying Pet Tamer in Northern Barrens named Crysa that hands out a daily quest. Quest is a fairly easy pet battle that rewards you Torn Sack of Pet Supplies that has a small chance of dropping an Albino Buzzard.  Fastest way to get this pet fast is just by parking all your alts by Crysa and grinding this quest daily on all of them.

3. Nightmare Treant -This twisted treant is as twisted as the one of the most hated achievements in the game: Family Familiar…. unfortunately that’s the one you have to complete in order to obtain it and the task is nightmarish indeed. You have to defeat 12 Master Tamers in Broken Isles… 10 times… using only single-type pets each time. Because there are only three pet dailies and not all of them involve Master Tamer so its a long and tedious grind.

2. Celestial Calf -Second celestial cutie on our list. It's pretty easy… but expensive. You can buy it in Dalaran from vendor named Mad Merchant for roughly… 500 thousand gold. Another tricky thing is that Mad Merchants spawns are pretty random so you might need to use a Group Finder tool to track him down.

1. Knockoff Blingtron - Undoubtedly the rarest, still obtainable, pet in World of Warcraft. First you need to get the schematic from the daily drop from Blingtron 6000. The schematic is a Reaves Module: Bling Mode schematic that requires 800 engineering and quite a bit of materials. Once you actually got him, it consumes mats to place every day and the droprate on the pet is really rare making it the least collected pet in all World of Warcraft.


Top 10 rarest WoW mounts 

After reading our list of rare pets you might be thinking “damn getting all those companions sure is hard”, well you have seen nothing yet. Mount collecting is probably more popular than pet farming and having just one of those listed below might rise the account value by a lot (if you are planning to sell wow account). On this list we will show obtainable mounts as well as some discontinued ones.

10. Black Proto Drake - Black Proto Drake was a reward from the Glory of The Raider (25 Player) achievement. Achievement that was extremely hard because it made you go through all the possible raid achievements in the 25 man version of the raids in Wrath of The Lich King before Ulduar came out. Once Ulduar came out and average item level went higher they removed the mount from the achievement so it was actually obtainable for a very brief period of time for the very few hardcore raiders that managed to get the achievement done just in time.

9. Reins of the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent  -This one is pretty straightforward… all you have to get is 300 wow mounts. This one is getting more and more popular with each expansion being pushed so it barely makes this list in legion. Collecting 300 tasks is still a monumental task.

8. World Boss Mounts  - To tighten this list we have thrown mounts that have a very low drop rate from world bosses under one category. But out of all world boss mounts the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is the rarest which has a ridiculously low drop rate from the Sha of Anger, most people didn’t believe it was in the game loot tables for months before first confirmed dropped showed up.


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7. Trading Card Game Mounts  -Another broad category. Once upon a time there was a World of Warcraft TCG that Blizzard hoped to make popular by adding rare cards with code that once claimed gifted players item in the game. One of the most popular among them Spectral Tiger reached ridiculous prices on the black market. You can still buy those mounts off e-bay but since TGC has been discontinued getting those is getting harder and harder. Rarest of them all is, for some reason, Swift Shorestrider which is nothing special - just a Strider blue/red recolour, it is extremely rare tho. TGC mounts were implemented in The Burning Crusade. 

6. Vicious Saddle Mounts  - ANOTHER overall category. Vicious saddles are rewarded during the PvP seasons in World of Warcraft to the players that win at least 100 3v3 games or 40 rated battlegrounds. After you get your saddle you can turn it in at a vendor for a mount. For some reason, rarest of them all is a VooDoo stylized Vicious War Kodo. It's hard to say why it's so rare among the players, some say its because other Horde options are better and others that it’s because more PvP players are on the Alliance side because human passives are overpowered, whatever the case is War Kodo is the rarest Vicious mount so far. Another important factor for the rarity of those mounts is that they are character bound so you can only use them on a character that has completed the requirements.

5. Tribute Mounts from Trial of the Grand Crusader - Those mounts were awarded to those that completed A Tribute to Immortality achievement, which required players to reach a Tribute Chest in the heroic 25 player mode in the Trial of The Grand Crusader without anyone dying and with 50 attempts left (a WOTLK exclusive system that limited how often you can wipe in the ride before being locked out). Basically, you needed flawless execution from your group in the raids hardest difficulty setting. This was extremely infuriating to perform since Trial of The Grand Crusader had encounters with a plethora of just random stuff that can kill you. 


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4. Gladiator Mounts  - Gladiator mounts are awarded to those that earn a Gladiator achievement which requires you to earn a Gladiator title in the arena season. Sounds simple enough? Well, Gladiator rating requires you to be in the 0.5% top players in each battlegroup by the end of the season. This pretty much sums the rarity of this mount up.

3. Vanilla Armorless Epic Mounts - Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, before patch 1.4, mounts that ran at 100% extra run speed instead of 60% were just a simple recolours of their base counterparts. In patch 1.4, however, blizzard decided to put some extra plating on them to make them somehow different from their slower cousins. The old reskinned versions were removed and no longer obtainable. So only players that managed to purchase those mounts before patch 1.4 for 1000 gold (which was A LOT back in the day), adding to the rarity is the fact that people didn't often bother buying more than one of these anyway since you had to carry them around in your bag  as there was no collectibles panel, also Blizzard allowed exchange of the old mounts for the new ones at no cost and many people did just that so there are only a handful of armorless epic mounts still in existence.

2. Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal  -This fabled mount was considered one of the rarest mounts in the game. The first, and at the time, the only legendary mount in the game. How to get this mount? All you have to do is be the first one to ring the gong that opened up the gates of Ahn'Qiraj (opening of the gate was a first server-wide event that required new servers to collect materials and once war effort was complete assault on the gates of AQ begun once someone rang the bell, this event occurred only ONCE per server).

1. Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider  - I wish the story of this mount was more spectacular, but it isn't. This mount has been granted to a player that deleted his mechanostrider by mistake and created a GM ticket about it. Game Master in response, also by mistake, gave him this weirdly coloured one. Making this lucky European player the only person in the world that has this mount, making this the rarest mount and the rarest item in the game that exists.

There are other rare mounts in the game that are worth mentioning like Time-Lost Proto Drake that can be still farmed in Northrend but with changes to the group finder and realm-hopping it’s actually a little bit easier to get now and that’s why it did not make the list. Rivendare’s Deathcharger also didn’t make the list because of being farmable with ridiculously low drop rate but you could repeat the dungeon over and over till you eventually got it. Invincible mount from Arthas used to be rare but now few classes can actually get it by doing the required things solo. The Pink Love Rocket valentine event is also rare nowadays but because it was so easy to get when it showed up we are not listing it. Another rare bet, Big Blizzard Bear from BlizzCon 2008 welcome package was also obtainable with DirectTV subscription in the USA, we didn't want to list more e-bay obtainable mounts so we kept this one off the list, but according to wowtcgloot Big Blizzard Bear still oscillates at around 300 USD in black market value. Some pets are gear and profession related. You will find some pet references in Hearthstone and Overwatch. Each expansion like Pandaria, Warlords or Cataclysm and you simply have to play for hours to get full roster of those. There are many pets, some are dropped from raids like Uldir for some you just pay in the WoW market with real money. You can get a pet through recruit a friend system, from professions or Heroes of The Storm. Our website offers collectible in many products such as Overwatch, Archeage and Path of Exile or Diablo. You can trust our service since we have been in business for years. You can buy things like gear, in-game money, artifacts or even coaching by the best players online. 

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