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WOW Boosting

WoW Mythic Boost

The Mythic+ dungeons is a brand new system that introduces new, endlessly scaling, content. Granting players increasingly challenging dungeons runs where players not only play against stronger bosses but also against a timer. It has some elements of Challenge Modes but with some tweaks so players have to focus on flawless execution rather than speedrunning.

Completing Mythic+ dungeon rewards players with pieces of epic gear with increased base item level when compared to normal, heroic and regular mythic dungeons. Mythic+ dungeons have different levels and higher their level the better item level gear you will get from bosses.

At certain levels, mythic+ dungeons start gaining additional “prefixes” that add different, dungeon-wide challenges providing players with something more than just increased mobs damage and hitpoints.

Each week players will receive a chest with loot based on their performance in Mythic+ dungeons during the last dungeon lockout (usually it from Wednesday to Wednesday).

The only dungeon in Legion without Mythic+ version is Assault on Violet Hold.

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Starting WoW Mythic Boost

To trigger Mythic+ dungeon, at least one player in the party has to have a Mythic Keystone. With keystone in the inventory, set the dungeon difficulty to mythic and activate the Font of Power, an orb located at the entrance to the dungeon. The player wielding the Keystone has to click the Font of Power to open up the Mythic+ interface, there you can drag the Keystone from your bag into the socket in the middle of Mythic+ UI window. After a second, UI will gather information about the key to give players an idea what challenges they will face.

Once you click the activate” button at the bottom of the Mythic+ UI window players will experience a force UI reload and a transparent green wall will appear in front of them. 10 second cooldown will begin and once it hits 0 the Mythic+ timer sets off.

Doing Mythic plus

Just as in Challenge Modes in Warlords of Draenor, teams’ goal is to kill all bosses and certain amounts of trash before the timer expires. There were some changes made to Mythic dungeons in patch 7.2.5. Keystones will no longer be depleted, instead they can be used for a certain period of time. Beating the timer will reward players with a higher tier keystone of a random dungeon and a chest called Challenger’s Cache that has 3 pieces of loot with an appropriate item level. Keystones over level 15 have a chance of granting players more pieces of loot.

If you fail meeting the timer you will still get Challenger’s Cache after killing the final boss of the dungeon or doing some raids but it will contain only 2 pieces of loot.

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Mythic+ Lockouts

Mythic+ dungeons have no lockouts like heroic and regular mythics do. You can perform as many Mythic+ runs as you want as long as anyone in your party has a Mythic Keystone and all completed Mythic+ dungeons will grant you the Challenger’s Cache. Regardless if you have already done the same dungeon this week, you will still get the loot.

Mythic+ dungeons are a separate system and do not share a lockout with regular Mythic and Heroic dungeons. You can do all your mythic dungeons first and still get loot for Mythic+ dungeons.

7.3.5 changed how CR’s (Combat Resurrections) work in Mythic+ dungeons. Instead of individual 10 minute cooldowns like normal, the team will have a shared “combat res charge” and one of such charges will be granted every 10 minutes.


World of Warcraft Mythic Keystone Dungeons also received a major overhaul in previous, 7.2.5, patch. Scaling of the dungeons now increases 2% more damage and health per level (previously 8% now 10%). Finishing quests on a dungeon now rewards 2 pieces of loot as a base, bonus piece is distributed to those that have completed within the timer limits, each dungeon above level 15 has a 40% chance of getting an additional piece of loot on top of the timer-based bonus. The 40% bonus stacks the further you increase your M+ levels, so at level 20 you are guaranteed 4 pieces of loot and fifth if you beat the dungeon in time.

Upon Tomb of Sargeras unlock, gear will scale up to Keystone level 15 and Keystones can no longer be developed or depleted. If you manage to complete the dungeon on time, it will work the same way as in 7.2 - you will get a new Keystone 1-3 difficulty levels higher but from this patch forward it’ll be for a random dungeon. If you don't manage to complete the dungeon in time you will receive a new Keystone for a different dungeon but 1 level lower and if you fail completely you will get a keystone for the same dungeon but also 1 level lower.


When creating a mythic+ dungeon you should follow the same pattern as for any other dungeon, that is to say, form a group with allied friends, with one tank, one healer and three damage dealers. Please note that you cannot change party members once you have started Mythic+ so if one of your players disconnects or rage quits, the dungeon has to be completely reset. Resetting the dungeon will lower the level of your Keystone by one.

Mythic+ dungeons up till level 10 are balanced around execution more than around the timer so you don’t really have to worry about the clock if you are executing the mechanics flawlessly and don’t wipe.

When composing a team you have to remember about a few very important abilities that you will need. Be sure to have someone with Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp or Drums of Fury, you will need Battle Resurrection spell, solid AoE and Single Target stuns and interrupts, hard CC like sap or polymorph, offensive dispels like purge to farming.

AoE DPS is as important as single-target damage. Trash mobs in regular dungeons are mostly ignored or killed quickly, you will often see tanks pulling entire rooms and killing them quickly in heroics, that’s not the case in Mythic+ dungeons, you have to use both: strategy and damage when dealing with packs, and because “trash” mobs are most of the dungeon, dealing with the quickly and smoothly will take some of the timer pressure off. Remember that you are not allowed to change talents once inside the dungeon.Strategy and damage will keep you safe. 

Always remember to have your gems, enchantments, flasks, potions and food buffs up.

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While inside a Mythic+ dungeons all players will see a Challenger’s Burden status. This “debuff” will take 5 seconds from the timer whenever a player dies. This forces players to think twice before pulling too many mobs or making a “death jolt” (when players just run past mobs pulling everything then dying in convenience for resurrection location). This debuff also serves as a measurement tool, showing if the party is ready or not. If you die so much that you are running out of timer long before the last boss, perhaps it's a sign that you are not so good and should practice on lower difficulties first.


Mythic Keystones, items that allow teams to begin a Mythic+ dungeons will show you what level of a dungeon it will open up and what additional challenges players will face when using that certain Keystone. Keystone lists the following information: Dungeon for which the Keystone is attuned, level of a keystone, additional affixes, remaining duration (which, basically, is time till next lockout reset).

Players can have only one mythic keystone on him at a time and will get one keystone per week. Deleting your current Keystone will not grant you a new one, you will have to wait for a weekly reset, so remember NOT TO delete your keystones, if you do you can recover it through item restoration service.

If you do not have a keystone there are two ways of obtaining one:


  • Completing a Mythic Dungeon will grant you a level 2 keystone and boosts your level.

  • Complete a Mythic+ dungeon with another player’s keystone (it will be in Grand Challenger’s Bounty at your order hall)


If you successfully complete a Mythic+ dungeon within the given time, the used Keystone will upgrade by, at least, one level. The faster you clear the content the bigger the upgrade, at best your keystone can gain three levels. Beating the timer with less than 20% remaining time will give you a +1 upgrade, 40% will result in +2 and higher than 40% will grant you +3 upgrade.

At the end of the instance, the boosted Keystone will land in the bag of the player that initiated the Mythic+ dungeon. Whenever Keystone is upgraded it will pick a new random dungeon from the pool of dungeons the player has access to. For example, if a player has not unlocked The Arcway or Court of Star dungeons they will be out of the key-roll. Since the 7.2.5 patch, earning a +2 or +3 upgrade on a Keystone will no longer affect the amount of loot dropped by the chest.


Mythic+ Affixes

Affix is a unique, additional property that changes the way mobs in the dungeon will work. Affixes appear on keystone at high levels, since level 4 and higher. If your keystone has an affix listed, all the enemies will have that property, including bosses.

Level 4 Keystone will be the first keystone that will have an affix. It will be listed out in green text on the tooltip and details will be available in the Font of Power menu in the objectives section. The level 4 affix will be rolled at random each week. Second affix will appear at keystones level 7 and higher with three new possible affixes: explosive, quaking, grievous. The third, and final affix will be added to keystones of level 10 and higher. At this stage two new affixes will be added to the list: Fortified and Tyrannical.

Possible Affixes:

  • Bolster - Killing an enemy will buff other nearby enemies with Bolster, giving them extra 20% health and 20% damage. This buff can stack multiple times. This affix does not apply to adds in boss encounters

  • Necrotic whenever mob lands a successful melee attack it will apply Necrotic Rot to the player hit, reducing the healing effect and shield absorption by 3% per stack. Debuff lasts for 9 seconds but it’s refreshed whenever a new stack is applied. Necrotic Rot is removed when combat ends.

  • Quaking - When Quaking is active, players will receive Quake debuff at random. This debuff will inflict damage and interrupt any active spell cast.

  • Raging - this affix makes enemies to Enrage when below 30% health which makes them deal 100% extra damage until they are killed.

  • Sanguine - Whenever a non-boss enemy is killed it drops a pool of Sanguine Ichor at the location of its death. This pool of ichor will heal enemies standing in it for 5% of their health every second and will deal damage to players standing in it for 15% of their health every second.

  • Skittish makes taunt skills threat generation less effective which means that damage dealers are pretty likely to get the mobs attention on themselves if not careful enough.

  • Teeming - number of mobs team has to kill to fill the “enemy forces” bar is increased in such a way, that players will have to defeat every additional/skippable trash pack.

  • Explosive causes enemies that are currently in combat spawn Fel Explosives at random locations within 3 yards of where its stands. Explosives will begin to detonate and if the detonation spell will successfully cast they will deal a significant amount of damage. Explosives are completely immune to AOE spells. 

  • Grievous - When a player falls below 90% HP a Grievous Wound dot is applied to him. This debuff deals periodic damage and gains new stack every few seconds until the player is healed to 100%. Stacks will cap at 5.

  • Bursting - Whenever a mob dies it bursts, applying a stacking bursting DoT. Each stack will damage players for 10% of their max HP over 4 seconds so it’s important to create intervals between kills.

  • Volcanic - Enemies in Mythic+ dungeon with Volcanic affix will cause Volcanic Plumes to spawn under distant players. After two seconds Volcanic Plume will burst in flames consuming 50% health of any players standing within 2 yards of the Plume.

  • Fortified - This is an affix that will appear only on level 10 or higher keystones. This mode will grant all trash mobs 20% more health and 30% more damage and this bonus is multiplicative with other Mythic+ bonuses. This means a mythic +10 trash will have 140% extra health and 180% extra damage. You will have to be careful, focus on crowd control and interrupts in this mode.

  • Tyrannical - Just like Fortified, this affix only shows up for keystones of level 10 and higher. In this mode all of the bosses have 40% more health and 15% more damage which multiplies with regular dungeon scaling, which means that on mythic +10 bosses will have 180% extra hit points and deal 140% more damage.


Mythic Dungeons Boost Loot

There are two different loot sources in Mythic+ dungeons gaming. First one is a regular chest that you’ll get at the end of the instance with fixed drop (and some bonuses depending on the level of the dungeon). Loot in the dungeon is always personal so each player needs to loots their own chest. Two pieces of loot are guaranteed but are distributed between party members. Players receiving loot will get items that are class/spec appropriate but the items can be traded to other players that are eligible. Mythic dungeons are also used to reward tons of artifact power but since patch 7.3.5 that's irrelevant since you can unlock the full potential of your artifact by doing a pre-BfA quest in Silithus.

Another source of loot from Mythic+ dungeons were Class Hall Chests that may contain drops from ANY dungeon, including those you have not yet unlocked or dungeons without M+ mode like Violet Hold. Gear in this chest will be at least Warforged version of the gear you would’ve gotten from your highest Mythic+ dungeon completed this week. For example, if you clear a Mythic 5 dungeon you will get a Mythic 5 Titanforged item by the end of the week. M+10 will change the dungeon chest containing 915 ilvl loot and Class Hall will give you 935 by the end of the week. Warforged item is 10ilvl above the base and Titanforged item is an item with +15ilvl above the base version of the gear.

Before that change dungeons used to be divided into three “length” categories. So Maw of Soul was a “Lesser Dungeon”, Blackrook Hold, Cathedral of Eternal Night, Court of Stars, Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara, Upper Karazhan, Lower Karazhan, Neltharion’s Lair, Vault of the Wardens, Seat of the Triumvirate were “Regular Dungeons”. There were two “Greater Dungeons”: The Arcway and Halls of Valor.


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