WOW Gold

 To sell wow gold you first have to learn how to make it. There isn’t one good way to farm gold, there are plenty of viable methods of making money in WoW without use of malware or bots. There are many people that buy wow currency so that can still be a source of some additional income. Here are 30 most popular farming locations. Please note that those are not sorted by wow farming spot effectiveness and the order is pretty random. Every gold farming spot is still viable as of patch 7.3 so you can make some quick buck selling wow gold or you could save some money farming gold instead of going out to buy wow gold. If you were looking for guide you are in the correct place. is best place to search info for wow gold price and usd conversion ratio. If you are gold farmer check price on a game list at

WOW gold farming guide - farming locations (wow gold/hour)

Desolace Naga Farm 3k - 10k/hr


This is the one last “infinite farm” spots that is located east of Maraudon. All you have to do is stand in a specific spot that will give you reach to all Slitherblade Naga spawns that surround the river area. The trick is that mobs respawn almost instantly after death which will result in you getting sick amounts of wool, silk and bind-on-equip green items.

Isle of Thunder Quivering Filth Farm 3k - 8k/hr


A good and steady wow gold farm, you aim at farming Quivering Filth pet and depending on individual server supply and demand your earnings can go somewhere between 3000 and 8000 wow gold. You will mostly farm this pet by killing oozes in muddy pools surrounding Ihgaluk Crag.


Baby Crocolisk Skinning in Uldum 10k - 25k/hr


This place has two main “resources” leather from Baby Crocolisks and Potions of Treasure Finding. To perform the gold farm you have to go to the Pit of Scales near the bottom of Uldum River. This place has a lot of small treasure chests and gives large amounts of leather, by stepping on the eggs you will spawn 5 baby crocolisk will attack you, kill them and skin them. There are total of six egg spawns with very short respawn timers. One of the best wow gold farms to make some stock.

Void Shatter Method (wow gold/hour)


This method of farming is based around Void Shatter ability. Currently Void Crystals are cheaper than Large Prismatic Shards and with Void Shatter spell you can turn one Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards. On average large prismatic shard is worth 15 wow gold a piece and Void Crystals are worth between two and four gold per piece. So essentially you will be turning 4 gold into 30 gold. To get Void Shatter skill you need to become honored with The Shattered Sun Offensive.


Volatile Water WoW Gold Farm 3k-7k gold/hr


One of the most popular spots. You will be running around entire southern river area of Twilight Highlands around Verral Delta farming Water Elementals that drop Volatile Water, cloth and treasure chests. Even tho it used to be extremely crowded back in the days of the Cataclysm now it’s pretty much desolate on most servers.

Uldaman Transmogs 5k-20k/hr 

Entire area of Uldaman has potential to drop lots of BoE green items that can sell for around 30-40 gold. Good area to clear every now and then for some quick income.


Tome of Polymorph Monkey farm 4k per drop

This tome averages around 4000 g per piece. This spot requires a high level mage (Tome can be looted only by mages) and drop rate can be boosted with potion of luck. To get this tome you have to farm Kunzen monkeys north of the Valley of the Four Winds have the best chance of dropping the tome, you want to target Kunzen Rockflingers especially as according to wowhead they have the highest droprate among them all.


Gibblewilt Transmog Piece. 50k gold per drop

Gibblewilt in New Tinkertown just outside Gnomergan is the only NPC that can drop the Foreman's Vest chestpiece. This is one is very sought after by sexy-transmog enthusiasts as this is the only vest piece that has no “bra” so you will get extra buck on highly populated roleplay servers like Moonguard. Drop rate is extremely low and getting this piece can net you as much as 50,000 g.

Wailing Caverns Deviate Hatchlings 3k-5k per hr

One of the most popular farming sites in the gold making history. Farming basically is boiled down to pulling entire wailing caverns instance and killing it with a single high level spell. Apart from skins and scales you can drop a Deviate Hatchling pet, unfortunately the gold price of the pet has dropped since its hay-day two years ago but it’s still good income.


Cooking materials reselling: (wow gold/hour)

Being rich sure makes you lazy and you can exploit people laziness to get rich yourself. This is pretty simple, travel to “A Hero's Welcome” inn in Dalaran and buy items from the cooking vendor there: Royal Olive, Dalapeno Pepper, River Onion and Muskenbutter for 2 gold a pop and then just resell those items for around 4gold. Those items are required for some high-grade recipes and most casual cooks most likely don’t even know those items can be bought from a vendor.


Twilight Outpost 10k - 150k gold per 1hr of wow gold

This new method uses the level scaling changes implemented by Blizzard. Event NPC’s like the ones found in The Twilight Outpost scale depending on your level, your level determines also what loot you will get. By using a level 58 toon you can gain items from 57-59 table which is a table with most expensive items in game and most expensive transmog pieces. For example Glorious Legplates which are worth around 150,000 gold.


Decahedral Dice in Onslaught Harbor 2k -35k per hour

This method is Rogue exclusive. Go to the Onslaught Harbor west of Icecrown, and pickpocket npc’s there for Decahedral Dice. Its a rare pickpocket-exclusive item that goes for 28 to 35k wow gold. This place has lots of mobs so it is highly unlikely to go short on pickpocket targets and once you kill them all their respawn timers are pretty short.


Blackfathom Depths transmog 1k - 8k per hour

Pretty straightforward pull entire dungeon, kill it, and loot some good transmog pieces and low level blue items that can score you few k on the auction house.



Highmountain Young Snowfeather skinning farm 5k - 20k

One of the best leather grind spots in Legion. Not only you will get tons of leather but also bunch of Oddly Shaped Stomachs that can loot you leylight shards, leystone ore and felslates along other easy-to-sell loot. Consider the stomachs as a bonus loot just like chests but to get those you need gutting perk which can be obtained by trading 250 sightless eyes at the Dalaran Sewers quartermaster.


Skinning in Fields of An’she 5k - 20k

The farm is similar to Misty Coast in Highmountain. You will get plenty of oddly shaped stomachs and butchered meat and lots of other trade goods. The one benefit over the Young Snowfeather farming is that this spot is closer to the flightmaster and mobs are fairly easy to kill solo making it easier for players with lower item level to farm their wow gold. You don't need to buy wow gold with spots as good as this.


Twilight Highlands Volatile Fire 3,000g - 20,000g per hour

Similar case to Volatile Water from water elementals. Volatile Fire can be farmed easily in the Humboldt Conflagration zone, there you’ll find a small fire bed with around 30 elementals just wandering there. Each time you kill one of them you have a chance to get Volatile Fire which is worth 50-100g per drop and has higher drop chance than Volatile Water in the same zone.


Dark Whelplings in Badlands 1,000 - 14,000 wow gold per hour

There are plenty of whelpling spots in the game but this one is the best of them all. There are ton of whelplings and ton of spawns here, in fact there are so many of them that the spot is very close at becoming an “infinite farm”. Each drake has a 0.09% chance of dropping a Dark Whelpling pet. The location is in ruins of Kargath in Badlands and is usually empty.


Hillsbrad Foothills Black Tabby farming 55 thousand wow gold per item

This one is a horde-specific farm location. You will be looking for item: Carrier Cage: Black Tabby. This is very rare and sought after pet for both horde and alliance which makes it worth around 55 thousand gold. To farm this go to Hillsbrad Foothills northwest of Yeti Caves where lots of Stormpike Engineers managing their ballistas are. Unfortunately for the Alliance players, those guys are only killable by the horde


Zul’Farrak transmog farm (not inside the instance!) - 4k - 25k

Troll dungeons and troll items were always popular among transmog fanatics and Zul’Farrak is one of the best old-world transmog farming places. There is a trick tho, instead of going into the dungeon, fly over it till you reach the pyramid that, in the dungeon, triggers the third boss event. You will notice that there are around 70 trolls just standing there and all with 40-45 loot tables. What is more they are not part of 7.3 transmog nerf because technically they are not in an instance. Good place to make some cha-ching to sell wow gold.


Vortex Pinnacle Volatile Air Farm 5 thousand to 17 thousand gold per hour.

Since we have already covered water and fire it’s time for another volatile farm. It's pretty straightforward, go to the Vortex Pinnacle, pull the entire dungeon up to the first boss and AOE it down. This way you can get around 1000 g per pull. Its easy and fast.


Dire Maul instance farm - Western Dire Maul 4k to 25k

One of the best farming spots in “The Old World”. You can get Felcloth, Runecloth, Mageweave, rare herbs like Goldthorn, Ghost Mushroom, Goldclover and Fadeleave, lots of transmog and world drops. If you are lucky you can get even 15k gold per 10 minutes. Especially easy to farm on Druid or Monk due to how fast they can pull entire dungeon.


Sprite Darter Hatchling 1k - 150,000

Pretty annoying spot but popular around wow gold farmers back in the day. Drop chance on the Sprite Darter Hatchling is pretty low, however if you eventually do get one your will score BIG as they are pretty much non-existent on the Auction Houses everywhere and can go for as much as 150,000 gold. You can farm in in New Thalanaar east of Feralas and it drops off Grimtotem Marauders


Porcupine Polymorph Farm 13k per item

This one is straightforward, go to Jade Forest in Pandaria and kill Smoky Porcupines. Entire Jade Forest is filled with them. The trick tho is to kill them as a Mage because book only drops for mage characters. Those tomes are selling at around 13k gold on average and are really easy to get. Not to mention entire area is easy on the eyes and pretty atmospheric so might be a nice break if you are a mage and need to do some wow gold farming.


Maraudon Transmogs and Herbs 5k to 15k

This is pretty much similar to Dire Maul as you will be collecting stuff for few different markets. You will get mageweave, runecloth green items, transmog items, gold and herbs from this one single dungeon in addition to plethora of transmog items. And it’s the largest instance in the entire game making you spend around 15 minutes to make the pull but the amount of loot you get is simply staggering.


Tome of Polymorph: Polar Bear 48k per book

Rarest and the most expensive polymorph tome that drops from Arctic Grizzlies in Dragonblight. If you ever been to Dragonblight you know how few and spread out those bears are, apart from that they have very long respawn timers. With 0.4% chance of dropping it its pretty much hit-or-miss situation, you can get rich fast or get bored to tears killing those few bears over and over. You can find most of those bears around Agmar’s Hammer and a little bit west of New Hearthglen.


Gnomeregan 4k up to 60k

One of the longest and the most boring early-game dungeons that bring tear to any Alliance players eye is actually pretty good farming spot. It cannot really be compared to Zul’Farrak or Dire Maul but if you need a change of scenery for your transmog farming this is the place to be, you can drop Hot Shot Pilots Gloves worth around 400k gold or the Mechbuilder's Overalls selling for 60k gold on average.


Crimson Whelp in Wetlands 1k - 25k

One of the earliest gold farming spots that has caused quite a controversy among the gold farmers. Even tho this farm is old and pretty much sucked dry this does not mean its not profitable. The Crimson Whelp still drops here and one will score you something around 25000 gold coins.


AQ 10 transmog farm. 10k - 150k

Extremely old, well known and terribly boring. AQ 10 was known for ridiculous amounts of trash mobs and that’s exactly what you need. Just pull the swarm of mobs from the entire dungeon without triggering any of the bosses then just AOE them down, apart from dropping reasonable amounts of transmog items and trash you can also level up your skinning high pretty fast and getting that extra dough from selling hides.


Straits of Hydronnon Crab Farm 5k - 20k gold per hour.

Amazing Druid farming spot. You will farm on an island in the northernmost part of Stormheim. This island is, obviously, surrounded by water with 2 groups of crabs swimming there in packs of 12. Each of those can be skinned for scales. The only problem is those crabs can be sometimes far apart and druid has the perfect tool for that - swimming form. Perfect place for gutting and lvl 3 stormscale skinning and .