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Are you a part of a 100 million people community, that entered the world of Azeroth? Are you the one who spends hours after hours slaying mobs, crafting items, farming gold, and preparing for a raid boss in WoW? Are you interested in joining the ultimate MMORPG hype train that lasts from 2004? Or maybe you left it, and you want an easy way back? Buying WoW accounts is your best bet.

The same goes for selling WoW accounts. 100 million of souls united in the struggle vs. the dreaded Burning Legion. Many of them failed in their adventure. Many have fallen, but also many of them left and abandoned the war-torn world. A lot of these players sold their WoW account, a lot of them are still trying. We are here to help both sides.

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World of Warcraft is a symbol of modern era MMORPG games. It had carved the path for other titles, and along with RuneScape and Diablo 3, it defined the in-game trade. To this day, despite many changes, updates, patches, and fixes, thousands of players live out of farming gold in World of Warcraft. Its popularity is decreasing slightly, as is the MMORPG game genre, but still millions of aficionados are spending time raiding, PvPing, and in general, having fun.

But let's be honest, times are changing. World of Warcraft is an old game. People who were spending hours and days farming on their Night Elf Demon Hunter, now have jobs, families, and responsibilities, while having barely any free time. They are selling their accounts to a bunch of newcomers willing to pay good money for their time with the game. 

Leveling WoW account

In Classic WoW, the leveling process was harsh, to say the least. You needed a friend, a pet, or any help, along with a high supply of patience and self-discipline in order to level up efficiently. It was a brutal and unforgiving game that millions all over the world fell in love with, hating it at the same time.

New races like Dark Iron Dwarf, Night Elf, Blood Elf, or Pandaren were added along with new classes, e. g. Demon Hunter or Death Knight. 

The level cap went up to level 120. It's much easier now. Mobs have less relative strength, Defias Pillagers are less lethal, and the whole process of going up to level 120 is way more comfortable. You no longer have to sit for hours and eat or drink, like you used to. On the one hand, it's a good change 

Nevertheless, it still takes time. You can't level up from 1 to 120 in a matter of seconds. Not in the game, that is. Back in August 2019, when WoW Classic was released, a player named JokerD embarrassed all the pros by making it to level 60 the fastest. Still, it took him just over 3 days to do so. Usually, it takes way more, especially for a casual player. 

The Shadowlands expansion is told to revert the level cap to 50 while retaining the time needed to max it out. It is why power levelers, boosters, and account sellers will still be required for the World of Warcraft game. Thus, if you want to buy a WoW account - you know where to find us.

Also, if you are on the providing end of people that buy World of Warcraft high quality accounts, and you are looking for a place to sell it - you couldn't make it better. Placing an order will not cost you a single dime if you have Offer Points. We will not charge you any fee or commission for your order. The price you set is the price you get. It is the best option for casual traders.

For the professional traders, we have prepared a few premium plans, that they will find in the Account tab -> Upgrade. The purchase process is simple, and once you complete the order, you are free to trade on our service. The ScamKiller feature will guarantee your security. It shows the results of our researchers' hard work, who traverse through the Internet looking for scammers to warn you before you accept their order. Over the last months, they have filled the database with thousands of IDs and email addresses of frauds and cheaters of any sort. So, before making an order, you can search for them and filter the listings. All this to keep you secure while trading one of the most popular game goods.

WoW Accounts trade

There are whole businesses built around trading well-developed WoW accounts for sale. Level 120 accounts are pretty common. Thousands of people do nothing else other than leveling their Night Elf Demon Hunter, or Blood Elf Death Knight to level 120 to sell it right after. 

The price varies. If you want just to buy World of Warcraft account to avoid the process of creating a character, it will cost you a few bucks. A level 120 account will cost you no less than 30$, and usually, it's more than that. The fun begins when we consider gear and game accomplishments.

The gear has two aspects of influencing the account value:

  1. Best in Slot, BoP items - unlike Bind on Equip items, Bind on Pick-up items are tied to the account. It means that you can't sell them on WoW Black Market or Auction House. You'd have to sell a whole account with it.
  2. Rare items - there are few items so rare or hard to get, that sheer possession of these earns you silent, envious respect among the community. First of we have the four legendary items from Vanilla WoW. A long time ago, obtaining these items was a tall task, but their accounts have reached a crazy high value. We talk about Sulfuras, Thunderfury, Atiesh, and the Black Qiraji Battle Tank for banging the Gong. You won't see that many WoW accounts for sale with these. But there are some.

Reportedly, one of the most valuable accounts WoW has ever seen was the one that Zeuzo sold to Shaks for 7,000€, which is around 10,000$. It was a Rogue equipped with Twin Blades of Azzinoth. The case was so medial that, unfortunately, Blizzard took action and banned the account that Shaks paid so much to buy. Also, recently there have been cases where a player did something unbelievable, like completed every achievement or collected all transmogs for plates.

Many players are aware that there is still a high demand from people willing to buy a World of Warcraft account. They work steadfastly to provide for all the Warcraft players in need. 

Why buy WoW account?

You may be wondering why you should even consider a buy of a high level WoW account. After all, you can level it yourself, right? Well, it's not that simple. Who will buy the WoW account? Let's break it down.

Hardcore guild members

At the high level of play, there is no place for sentiments. Let's say you are in a wonderful guild with many success in the game, and all of a sudden, your best healer has to leave the game for good. You don't know if it's a matter of personal issues, or simply the burnout, but the fact is that you are losing a crucial part of your team. Sure, you can have a forum thread looking for a healer, yet there is still an option to buy a Priest account with reasonable item level, and assign one of your guild members to play on it. Most of the time, it will be way faster.


Are you the one making gold in the game by boosting other players to a high level? Teaming up in order to complete a dungeon for loot is no crime by the Blizzard's terms, but selling the gold that you earn that way is. Imagine that your high level boosting demon hunter account was banned for RMT. If gold making was a vital part of your income, you need a replacement, and you need it fast. Leveling a new account will take ages, so you should not wait and buy one right away. 

Account traders

There are people in the business for years now, and they know exactly how much the WoW account would be worth really. They will buy an undervalued account in order to sell it with a profit. 

Banned WoW players

When you crash a car and need it to get to work, you don't think twice, but you go and buy another. The same goes for the WoW accounts. 

Weak players

Let's be honest; not every one of us was blessed with a gaming talent. We play this or that game well or not, but we'd all like to be on top. Some people will buy a WoW account for the illusion of being on top.


That will do for our World of Warcraft accounts trade article. Now you know what to do in order to purchase a high level WoW account to propel your game. 

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How to buy WoW accounts?

Once you find WoW accounts for sale, you should contact the seller and set up an agreement. Be careful when buying WoW accounts, as it may get you banned and your money wasted. 

Where can I find WoW accounts to buy?

There are plenty of services and platforms where you can buy WoW accounts, but only at MMOAuctions can you list your offer for free. The price you set is the price you get.

Can I transfer my World of Warcraft account to a different server?

Yes, you can, but you should read the Blizzard's instruction first.

How to check my WoW account price?

There are a couple of World of Warcraft account worth calculators, but they will give you a rough estimation rather than the true value. The best bet would be to find a few similar accounts on different platforms and take their average price.

What price for the World of Warcraft account should I set?

Once you estimate the value of your WoW account by comparing it, you should not go too much off with the price. If it's too low, you are wasting money. If it's too high, no one will buy it.