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RS3 Gold Coin

RuneScape is an online MMORPG developed by Jagex company that released in January of 2001. It is one of the oldest games in its genre and predecessor to other titles. During the early days the game was meant to be browser-only but as it grew RS received a stand-alone client version. There are a couple of different game versions.

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Firstly we have RuneScape 3 which is the oldest game improved over the years with new graphics, content and coded from Java language into C++. Although it is older than Old School RuneScape its newer counterpart relies on nostalgic feel that game left behind long ago.


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OSRS features old content that was originally released in 2001 as well as classic graphics and unchanged mechanics. In this version of the game, players vote in polls whether to implement new changes to the game since Old School is all about nostalgy and it shouldn’t be changed or improved on a bigger scale.


Finally, there is RuneScape mobile. Released in Android and iOS devices in 2018 RS for handhelds is a cross-platform experience for players in OSRS. Users can log into their accounts from the PC version and enjoy everything that the game has to offer on phones and tablets.


About gameplay

Don’t be deceived by the fact that RuneScape was released as a browser game. Many people think that as a game played without client players would get a small world with not much going on. Nothing more misleading than that. RS3 is a huge game with an enormous world, a great number of quests, missions, minigames, NPC’s and so on. The game was even recognized by Guinness World Records as a largest free MMORPG. Most experienced players in the game say that it takes years to achieve the highest levels so the amount of content almost never ends.


The skill system in RuneScape involves 27 unique skills that can be leveled to 99 and some of them even to 120. Players can increase experience doing activities connected with particular skills. For example, by performing cooking, we not only increase our skill level but also enhance our chance of a successful craft. Leveling woodcutting we will train our character to chop trees faster and learn how to cut down new types of wood. Invention levels will allow us to create new machines and learn how to craft more and more complex schematics which will award us with experience. This skill system works great as our character does progress with every step of our gameplay.


Although grinding your way through the game is the biggest part of RuneScape there is also a questing system that can reward players with experience bonuses. To be honest many players believe that it is the greatest aspect of this game. Quests in RS3 are never linear. You won’t see there missions like ‘kill X monsters’ or ‘collect Y items’. Every mission is an adventure and a story. Players will have to face various puzzles and minigames, solve mysteries, talk their way through communication struggles, and find missing pieces to the story.


Although Runescape is an oldie we can for sure call it a classic as well. Even though this game was released over 18 years ago it is still updated with amazing content and it is still growing every day. That is the main reason players still choose lands of Gielinor as a place for their adventures up to this day.


How RS3 Gold can improve your gameplay

Gold is the most important currency in RuneScape. As you start your game with almost nothing you need to gather pretty much everything that you can to make a living on your character. Beginning of your adventure will be filled with adversities that are hard to deal with while being poor. For those who can purchase a membership with real money it is not as bad but for those who can’t this situation will be tough.


RuneScape is known for its subscription model which involves paying monthly for premium features. Although some of the content is available to free-to-play users, most of the gold making methods will be locked for members only. This makes grinding for RuneScape bonds very hard for f2p. You might find out that it is not always the best way to buy a membership directly. Buying gold and exchanging it later for RuneScape bond might come out cheaper. Compare prices of gold and membership and check which way will be better for you.


If you are more experienced RS3 player you probably know how much higher tier gear cost. Araxxor weapons like Noxious Longbow or Scythe cost over a hundred million. This amount of gold takes dozens or even hundreds of hours to farm. It is a dull and tedious process that no one likes to go through. Although the reward is truly great since getting your most awaited weapon is glorious you have to consider if the pain of grinding for it is worth it. That’s exactly why getting your RS3 gold on our site might be the best option.


Acquiring RuneScape gold will give your character a significant boost in terms of equipment. You will no longer feel weak fighting bosses. Money making might become easier if you first invest in buying the necessary tools. You will be able to finish quests that you couldn’t before, get your skills to the highest levels several times faster and achieve what you dreamed of in a matter of hours.


RuneScape skills can be divided into two categories - money makers and money wasters. First one is for example Woodcutting. As we level our WC skill we gather wood from trees that can be later sold or used for Firemaking. This kind of gathering professions are a minority as most of the skills in RS3 are money wasters. It is possible to train certain skills like Smithing, Summoning or Crafting without big amounts of gold but it will be extremely slow. Buying RS3 gold can speed up that process greatly. After buying the currency you will be able to buy materials from Grand Exchange that are best at leveling your profession on the highest speed. These methods usually require enormous amounts of gold that can’t be collected too quickly. This is why buying RS3 gold is the best way to achieve the highest levels in skills.


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