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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - FFXIV for short – is a subscription-based MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) based on popular Japanese RPG series of the same name, developed by Square Enix in 2010. The series has seen releases on NES, SNES, PSX, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, mobile plaftorms and PS4. People from around the world can play this online game in four available languages: English, French, and German. They have many servers at their disposal like : Adamantoise, Balmung, Behemoth, Brynhildr, Cerberus, Coeurl, Diabolos, Excalibur, Exodus, Faerie, Famfrit, Gilgamesh, Goblin, Hyperion, Jenova, Lamia, Leviathan, Lich, Louisoix, Marlboro, Mateus, Midgardsorms, Moogle, Odin, Omega, Phoenix, Ragnarok, Sargatanas, Shiva, Siren, Twintania, Ultros, Zalera, Zodiark, Hades.

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Though Final Fantasy XIV (and its expansion: Requiem for heroes) is MMORPG at the core, it still delivers high-quality storyline – common trade for all games in series. As a result of an apocalyptic event, most of the planet Hydaelyn is devastated. The player progresses through the game by completing story-driven quests but also can focus on developing his character by taking part in Levequests and Raids.


And speaking of player's character – it can represent one of the unique races that inhabit Hydaelyn: human-like Hyur, feline Miqo'te, diminutive Lalafell, elf-like Elezen and physical specimens that are Roegadyn. By equipping different weapons you can transform into Disciple of War, Magic, Land, and Hand. You'll be presented with the opportunity to master on of 18 sub-specializations: Gladiator, Pugilist, Archer, Lancer, Marauder, Thaumaturge, Conjurer, Miner, Fisher, Botanist, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Leatherworker, Goldsmith, Alchemist, Culinarian and Weaver.


Additional jobs inspired by original Final Fantasy series are available for Disciples of War and Magic: Paladin, Warrior, Dragoon, Monk, Bard, Black or White Mage and last, but not least, Summoner. Also from original franchise come Chocobos, favourite transport mean and loyal companions.


FFXIV Gil is the most widely accepted form of in-game currency. The quantity of Gil you hold is indicated on the currency panel. Gil could be traded in between players via the Marketboard or mail. Players can earn FFXIV Gil by finishing quests, Guildleves, dungeons, and Challenge Log entries, in addition to by killing monsters and selling items.


Get the FFXIV Gil

Let's take a closer look at the different methods of acquiring in-game currency, which in this case is FFXIV Gil:

The first amount of FFXIV Gil will be awarded to you with your character's original equipment. After that, you should start looking for other income sources. First, what comes to mind, are dungeons and all the valuables hidden within them. By exploring them you can come in possession of some FFXIV Gil and few rare items, which you can use in your crafting, or simply a sale. After surpassing the 50th level of experience you also can lay your virtual hands on Tombstones. These are possible to exchange for components required in crafting and can be sold with a high price tag. But just think of all this time spending on dungeon crawling without being sure if it is even worth it in the first place. And we must add an possible risk of your character dying in the process. Same goes for monster hunting in wide, outside areas.



If you're not that fight-oriented, then you can try your luck on Marketplace Board. Without leaving comfortable and save boundaries of the city walls you can spend all your time following the ebb and manipulate the flow of prices with the old fashioned method – buy cheap, sell high. But is this the way you really want to play MMORPG phenomenon of Final Fantasy XIV?


The Quest

Either way, you'll not avoid completing quests. Thanks to them you are able to level up your character, making it more fit to survive in the harsh surroundings of the FFXIV world. Many tasks reward you with some FFXIV Gil, but occasional choosing of an additional item is to be expected. It usually comes down to receiving Allagan Pieces, which also can be exchanged for Gil. On the other hand, keeping the hand on the pulse on Marketplace Board can effect in acquiring the same items much cheaper. So there's a chance that you will focus only on these quests, that are tied to the storyline, leaving others behind.

By completing quests you will eventually reach level 15. It will grand you chance to undertake “Rising to the Challenge” quest. By doing so you will unlock the Challenge Log. It will present you with many weekly challenges with monetary rewards to choose from. Said rewards may differ from few FFXIV Gil up yo 50 000, when you're on level 50. But until then you must consider if an eventual, random gain is worth your time.


Honor your duty

Using Duty Finder you can access Duty Roulette. It presents players with randomized and rewarding duties. The additional “In Need” bonus is awarded to this party member (Tank, Healer or DPS), who has key importance for fulfilling specific duties. Still, all group members must queue individually to be qualified in order to take on Duty. Still, bonus stacks with daily rewards and are received by the player for duties requirements, even if he already was granted his daily reward. Do you think, that your team always will be up for the challenge? Sometimes it takes one weak link to waste team effort, making everybody loose.


Crafting and pilling

You can also consider crafting as your way of gathering Gil. It's long term option, as leveling crafter demands quite an effort and investment itself. But then you can keep a steady flow of currency by selling low leveled items of high-quality to starting players. The problem is, that the market can be fed up with similar items, dragging prices to the ground.

An alternative to crafting the only approach is pilling up all items you come by, and sell them instantly – or craft them in something more desirable on Marketplace Board, and then exchange them for Final Fantasy XIV Gil. But who got enough place in inventory for that?


Smells like Sipirtbond

There is also another way of doing business: Spiritbond. Your equipment obtains it with every use. When it hits 100% there will be an option to convert such a piece of equipment into Materia. It's worth depends on its king and it can reach some pretty high price on the market. But do you got time for that to happen, and even so – you don't have a guarantee that your equipment will transform into Materia with high demand on Marketplace Board.


Getting the Gil the easy way

No matter what style of gameplay your character will adopt – you will not get far without the right amount of Final Fantasy XIV Gil, which serves as games in world currency. They hard to come by, so there's a big risk that you'll waste many hours trying to earn some. If you're in need of some Final Fantasy XIV Gils and you want to get it fast, then​ got you covered.


Be secure

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Our stock of Final Fantasy XIV Gil

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