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Final Fantasy 14 is a top online game. The game was published in 2010. You can try and play it for free using the trial version from the official website. Here you can purchase game time for Square Enix account. We have great offers for registered Final Fantasy XIV Account for sale! Just search it on our site. FFXIV Account could not be an MMORPG without a leveling system which is an essential part of this kind of games. The main part of leveling is gaining experience points which refer to combat experience, crafting experience and companions experience. There are many ways to obtain experience in FFXIV Account, some of them are killing mobs, completing main, side and class quests, completing challenge and hunting logs, participating in FATEs, running Palace of the Dead and many more. You are also granted with experience points by resting or logging out in a Sanctuary. The largest singular sources of EXP in the game are roulettes with the possibility to obtain even 90% of experience needed to advance to the next level. The game is avaliable via steam, on Windows and MacOS. You can choose from several languages like English, Japanese, German or French. Tired of endless grind in FFXIV Account?

FFXIV Account

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