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Final Fantasy XIV Accounts

FFXIV – the second MMORPG in the franchise

Developed and published by Square Enix in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV is the second massive multiplayer role-playing game in this legendary series. In 2013 it underwent some major changes, as well as the partial rebranding, with the new version being called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game is available on Windows, MacOS, PS3, and PS4. It’s one of the few MMORPGs that still employ the traditional subscription model.


There are a few standout points of Final Fantasy XIV. Exceptional graphics and music being one of them. Another important thing is a strong PvE and story focus. PvP is only allowed in specific areas and players who want to follow the story or just peacefully enjoy the world of Eorzea are allowed to do so freely. It’s also worth to mention the fact that you can play with only one character and simply switch between classes when necessary. Players can form free companies, which are an equivalent of guild or clans known from other MMORPGs. The FFXIV community is very friendly and positive, which is another great reason to play.


The storyline isn’t only good “for an MMORPG” it meets the high standards of other Final Fantasy games and stands its ground as another installment of the over 30 years old series. Developers continuously add new elements to it keeping the game interesting. At the same time, they introduced some really well-crafted minigames like Triple Triad – a clever card game and some of the activities available in the Golden Saucers, such as Chocobo Racing, Lord of Verminion and Mahjong.


There were two major expansions to the game and the third one is soon going to be available. Heavensward in 2015, Stormblood in 2017 and Shadowbringers will be released in June of 2019. Each of them introduced lots of new content including new jobs, items, and locations.


FFXIV characters

During the character, creation players choose the starting class, that later allows them to specialize in a job. You can have all the classes and jobs on a single character, but it will take a lot of experience and in turn, a lot of effort and time. It also means completing some quests.


Players also choose their character’s race, gender, clan affiliation, their appearance, birthday, patron deity and the chosen class will determine the starting city. The last part is choosing the World, what in reality means picking the server you’re going to play on. There’s Lamia, Gilgamesh and many more.



Currently, there are six playable races, but two new ones: Viera and Hrothgar will be added in Shadowbringers. The ones available right now are: humanlike Hyur, tall and proud Elezen, short and youthful looking Lalafell, Miqo’te with feline ears and tails, loyal and muscular Roegadyn and anthropomorphic Au Ra with scales and horns.



There are nine classes to choose from:

Arcanist – versatile mage who can both buff their allies and hurt their enemies with spells and curses. Arcanists have two possible paths of specialization, the damage dealing summoners and the supportive scholars


Archer –  ranged damage dealer who shoots enemies with his bow. When they hit level 30 they can specialize into bards, who can both strike enemies from afar and buff allies with their songs.


Conjurer – magical healer, who utilizes forces of nature. They wear cloth armors and use canes and wands. After hitting level 30 they specialize to become white mages.


Gladiator – tanky knight who wields a sword and shield. The most protective option that’s available. At level 30 gladiators can chose paladin specialization. The most “pure tank” job in the game.


Lancer – melee fighter who uses a polearm, they move quickly through the battlefield and deal a lot of damage. They can use a plate or leather armor. At level 30 they can choose a dragoon specialization and significantly increase their damage output, especially with AoE abilities.


Marauder – heavy armored fighter who strikes their foes with a two-handed greataxe. After hitting 30 marauders may become warriors – the job that plays the role of an offensive tank


Pugilist – agile duelist, who mastered the martial arts. They wear leather armor and attack their enemies with fist weapons. Pugilist specializes into the monk.


Rogue – stealthy assassin that utilizes deception, poison, and daggers to eliminate their targets. They’re leather armor users, who can later become ninjas, who are even more proficient at hiding in the shadows and quickly taking lives.


Thaumaturge – a mage that practices the dark arts. They deal big amounts of elemental damage. Wearing cloth armor, wielding staves or scepters they can later specialize into black mages, who excel at crowd control and damaging multiple foes at the same time.


FFXIV account progression  

There are many ways to obtain experience in FFXIV Account, some of them are killing mobs, completing main, side and class quests, completing challenge and hunting logs, participating in FATEs, running Palace of the Dead and many more. You are also granted with experience points by resting or logging out in a Sanctuary. The largest singular sources of EXP in the game are roulettes with the possibility to obtain even 90% of experience needed to advance to the next level.


The progression system is very advanced and quite complicated. There’s a possibility to master literally everything on a single character, but it would take a gargantuan amount of time. Buying an account that’s already developed might be a huge convenience.


FFXIV late game

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn also has a lot to offer in the endgame. Raids are very challenging and require a lot of focus and preparation. Players have to cooperate flawlessly to defeat some of the strongest bosses, especially in the Savage and Ultimate Raids.


Another interesting late game feature is housing. There are over 1500 pieces of furniture available. Of course, it’s not Minecraft or The Sims, so the possibilities are somewhat limited, but you still can create a personalized home. It costs a lot of Gil, often requires maxed out crafting skills and completing certain quests and activities might be necessary, but a lot of veteran FFXIV players buy and adjust houses in the game.


Players can also join the Hunt, which means searching and killing certain monsters called Elite Marks. There are amazing rewards for those who complete the Hunt. You can also take part in the Full Active Time Events (often referred to as FATEs) to slay the randomly appearing waves of monsters or formidable bosses. There are also FATEs that consist of collecting certain items.


Moreover, numerous players spend some of the endgame time exclusively on making their characters look good. In a game like FFXIV that’s so visual and style oriented it’s not that hard to understand. After all, going for raids to get some of the most epic and crazy looking gear is not that unusual in the MMORPG genre. In FFXIV players can obtain Glamours that let them change their characters looks without influencing their items statistics. They can also grind for the exquisite Zodiac, Anima and Eureka weapons. Moreover, players can even unlock hairstyles and emotes!


There’s also a ton of story to be discovered after getting level 70. Each class and job has its storyline, as well as raids and trials. You can also do the Beast Tribe quests as well as completing some of the side storylines.


Of course, the late game players can also enjoy the PvP. Most of the players agree that it’s not the best part of FFXIV, but there are some options. In the beginning, developers weren’t too interested in this aspect of the game, but with time it started getting better. There are ranking systems for the PvP players. One of the available modes is The Feast – 4v4 or 8v8 combat, where the objective is to steal the enemy team’s medals. There’s also Shatter – 3v3 battleground. Players can also enjoy one of the newer additions: Rival Wings – which is a game mode based on the MOBA genre.


As you can see, there’s plenty to enjoy in the Final Fantasy XIV endgame. Getting all the jobs that you want to play to level 70, as well as developing crafting and gathering skills can take a lot of time though. Moreover, Shadowbringers will soon be released and the level cap will increase to 80. If you want to skip some of the grind, buy FFXIV accounts on MMOAuctions.


If your free company always lacks a certain job when planning a raid or some other escapade, and you don’t feel like wasting your time leveling another job, you can simply buy an account that already has it maxed out!


You can also find an account that has a lot of glamours. Your character’s appearance is very important in A Realm Reborn, so having some of the fancy looks would be a good fit. Some glamours were only available during certain events and can’t be obtained anymore. Buying an account that has them might be the only way to still get them.


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Why would I buy FFXIV account?

Similarly to numerous other MMORPGs, FFXIV has a lot of grind in it. Since you can master all the classes and jobs, as well as some extra skills on a single character, this might be even more noticeable. A bought, well-developed account allows you to skip some of the mundane parts and get to the part of the game that instead of challenging your patience, will test your mechanical skills and analytical thinking.


Is the endgame worthwhile in FFXIV?

Definitely, the FFXIV endgame offers many possibilities. There are many storylines to explore. The Raids and Trials can be really challenging and satisfying. The Hunt and Full Active Time Events are lots of fun. There are also other aspects like buying an apartment or a house and furnishing it, and improving your character looks. There’s also interesting and constantly developing PvP.


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