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Fortnite - Not Just a Battle Royale

The online gaming community hasn’t seen the epic burst in popularity that Fortnite: Battle Royale received since the release of World of Warcraft. Produced in 2017 and initially with a zombie-survival game mode only, Fortnite became a jewel made by Epic Games. Not just a simple jewel, but actually a three-sided crown with three distinct game modes. First was named Save the World and tells a story of a post-apocalyptic struggle for survival in a husk-infested world. It was designed as a player vs environment game in which cooperation is the key to success. Here at MMOAuctions, you can trade Fortnite Accounts as you want! Players select one from four classes

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Fortnite Account Classes

  • Soldiers are a mobile army with a lot of firepower. Can be further customized into sub-class like Berserker or Demolisher.
  • Constructors are able to raise structures (and demolish them as well) or deadly traps. Can be branched into Controller or Sentinel.
  • Ninjas with unique melee-oriented abilities. Those hand-to-hand assassins can become Blade Storms or Skirmishers (among other murderous things).
  • Outlanders provide valuable insight into hidden treasures. You can’t prosper without them and Pathfinders or Recon Scouts.


Once a team is set up, a fight for survival begins. Players gather resources and build shelters that eventually evolve into strongholds. Small trips around to gather loot, eventually become long journeys to find hidden treasures. Short and easy skirmishes will soon escalate and provide a hell of a fight. That’s Fortnite: Save the World in a nutshell. Interested? Why not buy a battle-ready account and skip the grind?


King is Dead, Long Live the King!

The survival game mode of Fortnite is not what become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s the Battle Royale that brought this game to the absolute top. Hundreds of millions of players were lured into the dynamic battle arena that had little in common with the king of battle royale: PUBG. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds were made with realistic graphics that, while good-looking, had high requirements and offered low FPS on the majority of platforms. On top of it, PUBG had a price tag with additional microtransactions inside.


The year is 2017 and we’re approaching September. Going free to play was a bullseye shot made by Epic Games and enabled people from various platforms to check out this amazing game. If you wanted to, you could play Fortnite on PC computers like Windows, macOS, consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch! Want to play it during a smoke break in work? Try iOS and Android mobile apps! This, with a nice cartoony art style of graphics and smooth gameplay, crowned Fortnite as the new king of battle royale. Everywhere!


In a battle royale, 100 players are dropped from the air into an island, need to find or gather equipment (including weapons) and the last one to survive - wins! Within Fortnite: Battle Royale there are additional game modes. You can play as Solo (against other, 100 solo players), Duo (teams of two competing with each other) or Squad (teams of three). Just like in Save the World, players can erect structures and buildings to reach hidden/high places or to simply defend themselves. This provides a dynamic environment, powered with non-stop action of the best quality currently on the market. New Seasons introduce plenty of attractions and legendary areas to learn a new, so don’t hesitate and explore this world now!



Two Skins or Not To Skin

We’ve mentioned already that Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free to play game. But there are microtransactions present. Thankfully all of them are cosmetics made for content and don’t affect the gameplay or your abilities. Skill is still considered a skill and the best one wins! But what made Fortnite hugely popular was the possibility to fully customize how your character (hero) looks like.


The most famous costume is Skull Trooper, followed by Ghoul Trooper or the Black Knight. Those costumes or customized weapons are divided into different categories. Each category is worth differently, for example: rare items will cost more than common, while for epics you’ll have to pay quite a lot. Some of those items can be obtained during the gameplay via cards dropped from loot, but acquiring all of them might take some time.


You could buy each skin in the in-game shop with its currency called V-Bucks, but why bother when you could get an entire account with progressed heroes already?


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E-Sports, The Final Frontier

Growing potential of this game provides a solid foundation for an e-sport community to rise. This includes international meetups, tournaments, and events. The state of the game right now shows great demand for account trading, so if you’re a veteran player you can consider selling your account and earn some real life money. You might also want to join the boosting club [link] and help others gain some levels. Our offer management system is plain simple and yet powerful - you won’t have a problem with following up on your offers and will receive a notification whenever a new buyer comes in.


For the Creative Types

Last year, on December 6th, Epic Games released a third part to the Fortnite’s crown: Creative. In this universe, each player gets his own private island where plentiful of buildings can be erected safe from husks and destruction. Players can introduce friends to their dominions and jointly take part in events like racing, sky jumping and so on. This exclusive mix is like Facebook has met with GTA and their older cousin: Team Fortress. Apart from obvious joy, you can also practice placing structures fast and efficiently that will help you in PVP matches.