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Fortnite Bots and Cheats

Have you ever heard about Fortnite? This online shooter developed and published by Epic Games on 25 July 2017 gained its popularity by connecting 2 popular concepts of modern video games - battle royale and creativity. The base game without any DLCs released on Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices such as iOS, and Android. Other game modes were developed only for specific devices. Fortnite is a Battle Royale like no other, as shooting and survival skills are as important as your building skills, that allow you to gain the high ground (and after that - it’s over mannequin) and create shields.


In this BR Shooter just being good at shooting means only 50% of your success, as the building is as important as good aim and knowledge. Face off against 99 other players on a huge battle arena, and fight for your life to earn that sweet chicken dinner.   


Whether you are a youngster, a teenager or an adult, or a parent, you must have heard about this game. And if you visited this website then you have already played it, and want to experience something different. So for you, Sir (or Ma’am) we have a special offer, that should make your gameplay a bit more beastly and a bit more exciting.


Prepare for new Fortnite season in 2019. Do you wish to be the one that other players fear? Do you want to completely obliterate your enemies with ease? Are you struggling with game mechanics cuz of your low-spec rig, fps drops, and lags, and want to equalize your chances with others? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the game in a different, way more special way? Prepare yourself to become the king of Fortnite’s battle arenas.

The special services you can find on our website will enhance your gameplay in a way that years and years of practice won’t ever replace.  


Why is Your Best Choice?


Here, at you will find no one else but your fellow gamers. Creators of this site are long-time video game players that had a specific ambition of creating somewhat of an auction house, to allow easy and reliable marketplace for players searching for accounts, coaches, boosting, items, lessons, and addons. Our website focuses heavily on desires of our providers and customers, to satisfy every need that auction house can provide. This is the mindset that we’ve started with, and it will continue for many upcoming years.


We provide marketable content for the most popular games, like League of Legends, Fortnite, DotA 2, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and PUBG. We update the list with older titles too, and when a new game comes out, you can be sure that in some time it will appear as one of the categories for all providers and customers.


You can become both a customer and a provider here. If you are skilled enough you can become a coach or a booster, and finally monetize your skills in a game that you love. If you have some accounts to spare, either fresh accounts or with some rare items and strong characters, you can put them right here. If you have specific add-ons written to enhance the gaming experience, you can post it right away.


Here, you will be able to make your own decisions about what you sell and how do you present it. You can choose your own price, own contents, pictures, and set up a detailed description to get customer’s attention


Not only that, everything you sell or provide has no fees or hidden taxes. That’s right. When you set your price, you type in the exact same amount of money that you will get after a customer purchases it. Every penny lands in your pocket, and you won’t get robbed by filthy and greedy bureaucrats. Our services are the best in that field. From Gamers for Gamers. Always.


If you are searching for some good items or specific accounts with special items that are not available in the game anymore, you will find them here when someone posts it. Our security measures will ensure you, that everything you pay for, will get to you no matter what. Scam Killer - an advanced report system helps us to clear our site from possible scammers, to guarantee your satisfactory purchases


Delivery is almost instant, and if something becomes unclear you can use our live-chat system to contact the seller, maybe to negotiate different terms, and if you have some questions you can contact our 24/7 support team, that will provide you with specific and detailed answers for any problems that occur on our site during the trade.


Available Hacks and How They Work


AIMBOT -  This advanced code enables you to have a perfect aim. Aimbot picks your targets and shoots by itself, with inhumane 100% accuracy. This cheat has multiple setups, that might as well contain every addon mentioned below.

WALLHACK - lets you see players through walls so you are always aware of their presence

RAPID FIRE - This option allows all weapons, like snipers, pistols, single-shot weapons, and burst fire rifles, to shoot at maximum speed, faster than full auto. You will win every fight quickly every time.

NO RECOIL - With no recoil, your weapons won’t have any kickback at all. Hold your crosshair in a specific place and don’t move it. Every shot will go exactly where you point your crosshair.

INDEPENDABLE MOVEMENT - When used with hacks mentioned above not only every shot will go exactly where you want, but your character will move by itself in a most unpredictable way, avoiding every bullet like its Matrix

QUICK SCOPE - ever seen those Call of Duty montages of people having an insane and quick aim with sniper rifles? Stay quick and keep your momentum, slowing you only for a millisecond, allowing you to kill fast with your scoped weapons

GOTTA GO FAST - Run as fast as it’s possible, always, without holding any buttons. Just toggle it on, and turn it off when not needed.

BUNNY HOP - Bunny Hopping is an advanced technique used in many shooter games that allows you to move in an unpredictable way. Ping, fps, and fps drops make it very hard for some players as it requires consistency. Why not use a code what would do it automatically in the most efficient way possible? Toggle it on or assign it to a specific button and hop on with ease.

INSTANT BUILD  - Never wanted to learn specific constructions for each situation? Maybe you struggle with your APM (Actions Per Minute) and you can’t build as fast as others? Instant build allows you to assign certain constructions to specific buttons on your keyboard to build whatever you assigned in the shortest amount of time possible. Always be the one who’s the fastest and who builds the best. Assign multiple constructions to use in every situation and be the most unstoppable builder that Fortnite community has ever seen.

NO BULLET DROP  - shoot your weapons accurately at any distance, your bullets will always go in the middle of your crosshair, no matter the distance. Be precise with every sniper shot you take.

AUTO-LOOT - Tired of picking up every item you need? It becomes unreliable in situations when you have to loot fast and efficiently. Set the auto-loot program to pick up specific items in specific amounts instantly to save time and your nerves.

RANDOM AIM SHOTS - lower the possibility of being caught with your aimbot to the minimum. Play just as you would normally, some shots will go straight to your enemies head even if you are aiming at their legs. Consider this like random crits, at any rate, you want.

MAP AND PLAYERS ESP - ESP grants you the knowledge that other mortals simply cannot possess. Want to know locations with better items, locations of incoming airdrops, and where other people are? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this ESP is for you.
BULLET TRAILS - Have you ever been in a situation when you are getting shot and you don’t know from where? This addon allows you to see a link between you and the shooter, each time he fires a weapon. Find that fucko and obliterate him with your superior skills.

TELEPORT - Teleport anywhere you want. Simple as that. With few button clicks, you can ambush someone from behind. Be that one unique raid boss in your game.


After you download you can put your login and password on that little Epic Games application (that is still worse than Steam), start the game and just play. Leave your mark on the history of Fortnite and become the best out of all users. Until your exploit gets patched, in which case you will need to update your add-ons to keep them working.


Why your Purchases are Absolutely Safe?


Purchasing hacks might seem like a fishy business, that will get your account banned. And while it depends on the quality of add-ons, in how they deal with anti-cheats, we make sure, that every offer you see on the site is carefully filtered to ensure the safety of your account. While we don’t take responsibility if it comes to reckless usage of programs purchased through our auction house, the safety of your account and satisfactory experience is important to us.


We care about everything that happens with our providers and customers cuz we are on the same side as you. We are all gamers. Some of us know how it feels to lose our properties through an unfair player, various systems, and filthy scammers and scoundrels alike. We made sure that everything that’s going on on this site is absolutely safe and user-friendly.


On this chart below you can see what are our ways:


1. Our services are anonymous and secure. Our feedback system and security measures completely remove the chance of being scammed. You can use our Live-chat to contact your booster or our support team, and you will be provided with an answer, that should gain you absolute clarity when it comes to your account and our services. You will also be able to track the process.

2. Your Payment and account are protected. No one else but you and your booster will know about what’s going on on your account. The time you spent perfecting your account and your money won’t be lost, as our ways make your account tracking-free. The payment and all of your information are absolutely safe.

3. VPN protects the account from being banned. Our boosters will use a VPN to log in to your account. This ensures that your account won’t be tracked during the process of boosting, as well after the process is complete. It means, that there’s close to no possibility, that you will ever be punished for using our services.


Make your decisions smart and make your first purchase at The first trade is not only trade in its essence. We, as customers don’t really care about where we get our things and new property from. It makes our decisions seem insignificant. And you can change that. Make your decisions important and impactful through smart analysis and critical thinking. Let this be a first symbolic move in the right direction, that will guide you to greater heights other people can only dream of. Buy new goods now, at


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