OSRS Gold source of knowledge. Main and most commonly used RuneScape Gold currency is Coins (also referred to as "gp"). Gold is widely accepted among the whole world of RuneScape. OSRS Gold Coins may be used to buy items from other players at Grand Exchange or trade it with them, but also to buy a variety of things at NPC vendors. They appear as small gold coins in the inventory and are stackable. Gold Coins are obtained mainly via hunting down certain creatures and selling spare items to other players or NPC vendors. Maximum price that can be put on items in Grand Exchange is 2.147.483.647 gold coins. Stacks of coins with the amount below 99,999 will be indicated with yellow text, between 100,000 and 9,999,999 the amount will be white, and above 10,000,000 it will be green. Looking for OSRS gold currency? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for OSRS gold offers, or set up your own offer in less than 60 seconds! Since RuneScape 3 and rs 2007 gold mobile release old school rs gold increased in popularity. 

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Table of Content

  • ♦ Old School RuneScape (Runescape 2007)
  • ♦ OSRS Gold
  • ♦ Side currencies
  • ♦ Old School Runescape Gold - What can you buy for the currency?
  • ♦ Why you should buy OSRS Gold?


OSRS is an MMORPG game that gathers people from around the world. If you are new to RuneScape you probably want to know if the game is free and how you can start playing it. And yes, the game is completely free and trying it out does not come with any costs (you may only spend some time on it because it can be addictive). Old School RuneScape is one of the biggest games in the world, with an enormous community and a large amount of valuable content. Although the game is one of the biggest titles in the world and is also free to play, it isn’t it pay-2-win. Now some details, the first version of the game was released in January 2001. After a few years, we could see the title which is Old School RuneScape, it was on 22 February 2013. What’s more the game premiered also on Android and iOS devices in October 2018


The OSRS Gold is a currency system of a current medium of exchange in the form of gold in general use. The main currency in RuneScape is, of course, the OSRS gold. To be specific, the coins which are called “gp” what stands for “gold pieces”. Coins are the most universal type of currency because they are exchangeable by most of NPC’s located on the whole world of RuneScape. That's why we offer you the gold, by having the most common and universal currency you are able to buy a wide variety of items. On our website you can find offers with osrs gold rs3 gold for sale and you can pay in every currency usd eur gbp and more. All within 10minutes or even 5minutes.


We divide currencies into two categories:

→ Tradeable
→ Untradeable

Different currencies can also be used only in certain locations and exchanged only for particular items. Here I have attached a list of a few other in-game side currencies.

Name / Location
Name / Location
Coins / Most of Gielinor Tokkul / Mor UI Rek
Archery tickets / Ranging Guild Blood money / Deadman mode
Numulite / Fossil Island Unidentified minerals / Mining Guild
Survival token / Last Man Standing Golden nuggets / Motherlode Mine
Trading sticks / Tai Bwo Wannai Castle wars tickets / Castle Wars


Old School RuneScape Gold - What can you buy for the currency?

 In-game currencies - Old School RuneScape Gold can be exchanged on various items. Of course, it depends which currency you have and where you are at. From armor and weapons to herbs, potions, and other consumables. Almost every tradable item can be later exchanged for gold or other right currencies.

Why you should buy OSRS Gold?

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