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OSRS Account Rentals & Other Services

Among the many services that players do provide for the RuneScape game, there is only one that can give you great profits and other positives for a very small fee. We are obviously talking about Account Rentals. In this section of the MMOAuctions marketplace, you will be able to find offers of users who wish to rent their high-level accounts to less experienced players. Account Renting is an old service that has been known from the earliest days of the RuneScape. If you have even been wondering what it's like to be the person that everybody knows and admires then now you have a chance to see how it is. With the Account Rental services, you can borrow the fame of somebody else and use it to your advantage. Make money on the best bosses in the game, fight in the highest level PVP, and have fun with the best accounts in RuneScape! 

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About the RuneScape Old School

There aren’t many games that survived for over twenty years on this wild market of MMORPGs. Among those, we can find a RuneScape - title that started as a browser game. RuneScape has been loved since its release because of it’s the revolutionary skill system, humorous quests, and largely-scaled entertaining world. This game had it all. Even though the graphics took the tool on the Jagex title, developers decided to re-release the original RuneScape servers back in 2007. Don’t get us wrong. The first installment of the RuneScape skill exists under the name of RuneScape 3 however with numerous changes to the engine and to the graphics it isn’t the same anymore. On the other hand, released in 2007 RuneScape Old School brings back the memories. Here almost everything is as it was twenty years ago. Players loved this concept and that might be the reason why OSRS became so successful. Now the control over the game is in player's hands as they can vote in special polls to determine what content they want to see being introduced to this title in the future. We hope that it will remain for another 20 years!