How does OSRS Market work?

Players in Old School RuneScape are allowed to trade the tradeable items at will. Originally it wasn’t so easy until the Grand Exchange was introduced in 2015. In the Grand Exchange, players can place a bid to buy or sell an item. 


Over the course of time, the OSRS Market has evolved into some sort of stock exchange both in-game and in real life.


How to make money on RuneScape 2007 Market

There is a thing called merchanting. Whenever you buy low and sell higher, you make a profit.


Players have implied a couple of ways of merchanting based on real-life methods in order to generate income on Runescape market. All of these methods contain a risk factor, so please be advised to use them carefully and responsibly. We do not hold responsibility for your in-game loss.



It’s based on buying the item low and predicting, that its price to go up in the future.


This method sometimes involves speculation. Speculation occurs, when stock players see huge market movement, and they follow the trend. This way the price goes the way the speculator intended, allowing him to make a profit.



Also called fast-trading. It generates income with rapid sell/buy transactions. This method generates low profit, but the number of transactions makes it satisfying for the trader. It’s less risky and much faster than investing.


Bulk quantity flipping

This method works similar to original flipping, but instead of a high number of transactions, you have a lot of goods to work with.


Street market

You can call it a black market as well. In-game prices are pretty much fixed and there is very little room for exterior influence. If you want to drastically undercut or sell something, that, in theory, is untradeable, here at MMO Auctions you are in the right place. We provide a platform that will work for you better, than in-game Grand Exchange, with freedom in price creation.


OSRS merchanting on MMO Auctions

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