Trove Flux

Trove Flux is a very common material but it is also Trove's main currency. Trove Flux is used to upgrade items at the Forge, change stats at the Chaos Forge, purchase Troves of Wonders from the Weaver of Wonders, and to craft variety of items. Trove Flux can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as: collecting items from killed monsters in Lairs or Dungeons and selling them later, defeating Shadow Titans in the Shadow Tower once every week (titan's treasures may contain the amount of flux varying from 4000 to 9999 flux), trading at marketplace etc. Looking for Trove Flux or other virtual goods connected with Trove Flux? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide or set up your own offer in less than 60 seconds! Trader seems not to be trustworthy? Use our special feature - Scamkiller!