Lords Mobile Accounts

Enables subscription for selected game or server that notifies you via email/push notification every time when someone adds a new offer.

Lords Mobile Accounts

Check out all the offers of Lords Mobile Accounts available on our website! You can easily skip the most repetitive and mundane parts of the game! Reap the benefits of hard work done by another player and jump onto an already developed Lords Mobile Account!

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Why you should buy a Lords Mobile Account

A powerful account opens up a lot of possibilities in a game like Lords Mobile. We’re talking about an MMO strategy with a huge emphasis on developing your Turf, producing resources and most importantly – PvP. There’s no better way to protect yourself from other players than having a bigger and stronger army, as well as valuable buildings that can protect your resources.

Of course, you can always create a new account and simply get there from scratch, but it’s not going to be as easy. The progression in Lords Mobile is relatively slow. Getting all the necessary buildings and a powerful army will take you a long time and plenty of effort. The game can also feel like a grind fest when you’re trying to progress as quickly as possible. A lot of the progression-based activities are pretty boring and you’ll likely get tired of them after some time.

Then there’s the PvP issue. Lords Mobile features a semi-open world PvP system. Players who are located in the same Kingdom can attack each other at any time. You can also attack others during the Kingdom Clash event. Everything happens in real-time what makes the game very exciting and engaging. At the same time, this system can be quite harsh on the new players. If you’re unlucky, you can easily become a punching bag for the stronger players. It not only feels bad but also slows down your progression and makes you lose your precious resources.

The best way of dealing with these early game hurdles is skipping them entirely. You can do so by buying powerful Lords Mobile Accounts on our website!