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Lords Mobile Gems

Take a look at the most lucrative offers of Lords Mobile Gems available on our website! This important currency can be used on many useful items, buildings, boosts and much more! Get as many Gems as you need and unlock all the possibilities of Lords Mobile!

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Gem Trading in Lords Mobile

Gems are the main currency in Lords Mobile. They can be acquired in multiple different ways within the game. They’re an incredibly important element of Lords Mobile – you will need a lot of them in order to progress. That’s why buying Gems at MMOAuctions is a great idea!

You can get Gems by killing monsters and Gemming Gremlins, harvesting Gem Lodes, using the Gemming Gremlin Familiar as well as receiving Guild Gifts and Event rewards. When you already have a supply of Gems, you can build a Treasure Trove to deposit them and gain interest over time.   

These Gems can later be spent on all kinds of amazing buildings and other improvements. You can invest them in heroes, research and the most valuable structures to place on your Turf. Some of the best upgrades include Treasure Trove, Prison, Altar and Battle Hall. Besides, you can also use Gems on buildings that improve your resource generation. Finally, you can spend them on various items, chests, boosts and speed-ups.

It’s important to note that Gems can’t be directly transferred from one account to another. That being said, the Gifting system in Lords Mobile provides a lot of possibilities if you know how to use it. The players can send boosts, speed-ups, Bravehearts, Soul Crystals, War Tomes, Steel Cuffs, VIP Points and some other great items. There also are quite a few restrictions. Luckily, the majority of them apply to the player who wants to send presents and not to the receiver.

In order to be eligible to mail gifts, a player has to buy this possibility from the game store with real money. Secondly, the giver and the receiver have to be in the same guild. If you don’t want to leave your guild for the transaction, make sure that it has a spot to temporarily invite the supplier – otherwise, the deal will be impossible. Finally, the giver needs to have more Might than the recipient. Fortunately, the best providers often have incredibly powerful accounts for trading, so there’s nothing to worry about.