Lords Mobile Items

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Lords Mobile Items

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Trading Items in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a relatively complex strategy with an advanced economy system that’s based on multiple resources. Generating these resources and finding the best ways to spend them is one of the key elements of the game. Obviously, a new player will have a hard time getting everything they need to quickly become stronger. The game’s progression is relatively slow and the players can gradually advance to produce more and more resources, raise new buildings and improve their armies.

You can significantly accelerate this process by getting a vast supply of the most important resources. The more you’re able to invest, the more you’re going to gain in return. This can help with developing your Turf and conquering your enemies. The five basic resources in Lords Mobile are Food, Timber, Stone, Ore and Gold. You’re going to need a lot of them to improve your castle, other building and army.

These five Lords Online resources can be easily transferred from one account to another. There are just two requirements – both players have to be members of the same guild and they need access to a Trading Post. This building allows the guild members to freely exchange resources with each other, but there is a supply tax. You can reduce it by investing in the higher levels of the Trading Post. It will also increase the amounts of resources that you can send at a time. In order to buy resources from a seller on our website, you’ll likely have to temporarily leave your guild and join the one that belongs to the provider. The other possible option requires the seller to enter your guild for the time of this transaction.

Lords Mobile is a 2016 game that has been developed and published by IGG (also known as I Got Games). It’s an MMO strategy with some elements of RPG. The game is available on Android, iOS and Windows. The players can unlock many special characters known as Heroes and participate in PvP. The game places a large emphasis on forming Guilds and cooperating with other players.