Lords Mobile Market

Lords Mobile Market

Check out the available offers and buy all kinds of virtual goods for Lords Mobile! Take a look at the best accounts, items, gems and more! Get yourself a supply of the most useful resources and improve your buildings as well as the army!

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Lords Mobile Trading

In Lords Mobile, there are two ways for players to trade with each other. Both of these methods require the players to be in the same guild in order to send their items. First and foremost, there’s the Trading Post. It’s a permanent building which means that it can’t be destroyed. It allows the guild members to transfer the most important resources within the game: Gold, Food, Timber, Ore and Stone.

The second trading method utilizes the gifting system. There are quite a few limitations to it though. First of all, not every Lords Mobile account is allowed to send gifts. It’s a privilege that has to be purchased with real money. Even then, in order to mail a present to another player, you both have to be in the same guild. It means one of two things: either the buyer will have to temporarily leave their guild and join the seller’s, or the buyer’s guild has to invite the seller for the time of the transaction.

Furthermore, there are some other requirements that you should be aware of. Nobody is able to directly transfer Gems from one account to another. The gifting system only enables you to send shop items that you can purchase for Gems. This means that as a buyer, you’re going to have to tell the supplier exactly what items you want to get. Finally, the giver needs to have higher Might than the receiver. As you can see, it’s quite a lot of restrictions, but most of them apply exclusively to the person that wants to send gifts.

Besides the basic resources and gems, you can also buy an entire account. It’s the fastest and most effortless way to get a powerful army and a developed Turf with multiple valuable buildings. Moreover, you can skip the player EXP progression and jump straight onto a high-level account. Other benefits may include ferocious heroes and completed research.  

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