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Adena in Lineage 2


Lineage 2 Adena avaliable at MMOAuctions is the main currency of Lineage 2 game. It is used to purchase items at NPC stores, to trade with other players, to pay the teleportation fees at gatekeeper, to cover crafting fees at blacksmith etc. Players can get Adena via completing quests, killing monsters, selling spare items to NPCs, killing bosses etc. The most efficient way to obtain L2 Adena is to make a dwarf character which can either become an artisan or scavenger. As an artisan player is able to craft items from recipes which can be very profitable as only dwarf is able to craft items. As a scavenger, the player can "spoil" monsters - when spoiled monster is killed, a dwarf can use "Sweep" skill to receive an additional drop from a monster and sell it at decent prices. Some items can only be spoiled. If you looking for Lineage 2 Adena for sale MMOAuctions will be the best place! Or maybe want to get rid of spare Lineage 2 Adena? MMOAuctCheck MMOAuctions for the most actual offers on L2 Adena for sale from players and traders worldwide! 

Lineage 2 Adena

Adena is the official currency of Lineage 2 and because very few items in Lineage 2 are character bound, main resource of character progression. Obtaining and enhancing you gear in Lineage 2 requires copious amounts of Adena so you either get rich or die trying. Adena in Lineage 2 can be obtained from various sources, boss drops, regular drops, selling an item to grocery, various events etc. It all depends on the server type.

With a huge variety of official and non-official Lineage 2 servers, Adena drop rates and methods of earning it varies greatly but there is one thing that all servers have in common: you need copious amounts of Lineage 2 Adena to get anywhere. Since Lineage 2 is quite a dated title it has developed a strong community, which often means that many of the grind locations are overrun by players of a single clan or alliance impeding the progress of newcomers.


Thankfully on you can now buy Adena! Stop relying on ever-changing drop rates and a merciful touch of Lady Luck, buy your adena today and progress your gear to catch-up with veterans.

Buy L2 Adena - Delivery Methods

There are four ways Adena can be traded to you (one depends if the server has an auction house or not). The first method is a simple Face-To-Face trade, you meet up with your Adena dealer in a place and then make an exchange. It is wise to trade some junk items with your currency provider.


A second method is sending Adena, provide your vendor with your character name and he will send you the ordered currency. This method, however, is strongly discouraged try to avoid it if possible.


The third method, and most common one, is setting up a shop. Simply type in /vendor and select few items for sale, set it in such a way that the total value of sold item matches the ordered amount, next tell your vendor your name and location and wait for him to purchase your junk. It is highly recommended to throw in one extra item to prevent your shop from disappearing immediately after your Adena seller makes a delivery.


The fourth method is restricted to servers with Auction House such as Chronos, Naia, and Core (Innova). It’s pretty straightforward, you are setting up some random trash item on Auction House with the price tag matching the amount of Adena you have purchased, there is a small fee for setting up the item so you might negotiate with your provider on who is covering it.


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Happy trading!

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