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Here you can find software like Lineage 2 bot called also L2 Bot, Lineage 2 Hack or other Lineage 2 Cheats. Lineage 2 is a massively multiplayer online role playing game, developed by Korean NCSoft and released in 2003. The Lineage 2 gameplay is set 150 years before the first Lineage game. The world of Lineage 2 is divided into two continents being at constant war. The game puts strong emphasis on PvP with PK system - players can be killed everywhere apart from safezones such as towns. Throughout time Lineage 2 went through numerous chronicles with additional content being implemented every patch. In 2011 game became free to play allowing wider audience to take part in it's world. Lineage 2 offers a wide variety of features such as sieges, raid bosses, clans, arenas, multi-class system and dangerous yet beautiful world. It offers 36 playable classes with wide variety of races. Looking for Lineage 2 bot, Lineage 2 Hack or Lineage 2 Cheats? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual L2 Bot offers from players and traders worldwide!

Lineage 2 Bot

Lineage 2 bots are as old as the game itself and despite being written mostly in ancient programming languages delphi and pascal they are constantly getting new upgrades and tweaks. One of the most popular L2 bot powertool, Adrenaline, provides users with a massive amount of settings and options they can use to gain an advantage. Highly customizable due to flexible scripting engine, unique “event” setting (allowing you to script responses to various situations), advanced map settings and pretty intuitive interface make l2 Adrenaline one of the best Lineage 2 bots available on the market. Thanks to dedicated and experienced developers many bots remain undetectable by most (some even claim that 99%) anti-bot software used by private and official servers such as FrostSecurity and Xgincode.

Lineage 2 hack

Lineage 2 is quite a dated MMO which means an aged game design that revolves mostly around grinding. Altho it’s still extremely popular due to complex PVP mechanics, castle sieges and tradition it does not change the fact that huge part of the game requires you to kill the same monsters in the same spot for hours on end. No wonder many players resort to automating the grinding process by the use of third-party software.

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Thanks to the high customizability of bots like Adrenaline or L2.Net you can, apart from bot license, purchase various script tailored by professional programmers to your needs. Need a good spoiler bot or a questing script with auto repeat? Alarm scripts, auto-learn scripts, movement scripts - all done by professionals. You can find those L2 bots and scripts on! Get yours today!