Trove Items

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Items in Trove

There are tons of Trove items that can be obtained in Trove, but the most important is equipment. Trove items is consisting of Masks, Weapons, Rings, Hats, Helmets, Wings, Collection Trove Items and Banners. Masks are worn on character's face providing protection and bonuses. Weapons provide bonuses to attack and come in variety of types, such as Guns, Bows, Staves, Spears etc, depending on class. Rings are granting player bonus stats depending on the kind of ring and it's rarity. Hats are worn on player's head and provide bonuses similar to these offered by Masks. Wings allow players to glide in the air. There are also tons of collection Trove items and banners available in Trove. Looking for virtual goods connected with Trove Items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Trove Items offers from players and traders worldwide!